Where to Buy Inverter Battery in Nigeria

Where to Buy Inverter Battery in Nigeria

The need for inverter batteries is critical in the construction and installation of inverters; it is called the powerhouse because, without it, you can not store or use electricity. The Power backup systems like inverters and UPS usually operate by converting the DC into AC, and all electrical appliances run on AC power. The primary function of an inverter is to convert the DC power into AC power and, at the same time, regulate the voltage, current, and frequency of the signal.

An inverter is a kind of oscillator. Transistors are the critical components of inverters, which convert DC power into AC power, and the battery stores the current in the form of DC, which is again converted into AC with the help of an inverter and supplied to the home appliances.

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  • What is an Inverter battery
  • Types of inverter battery
  • Benefit of Inverter battery
  • Inverter battery maintenance
  • Inverter battery reviews
  • Where to buy inverter batteries
  • Guides to choosing the right inverter battery for your inverter
  • Frequently asked questions on inverter batteries
  • About GZ Industrial Supplies
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What is an Inverter Battery

They are designed to provide a small amount of current for a longer time. However, the primary function of the best inverter battery is to adjust the supply of electric charge. Reliable brands like Lemax, Genus and Luminous offer high-quality inverter batteries, and to have a better understanding, let us look at its different types of inverter batteries in the next subhead.

Types of Inverter Battery

There is a range of inverter batteries to pick from depending on the need; see below the different types of inverter batteries.

Solar GEL Battery

The GEL battery has an electrolyte, a gel-like mass formed by mixing sulfuric acid with fumed silica. This substance is static and standstill. Gel batteries have a meager rate of self-discharge, which is better than regular lead-acid batteries. 


When searching for a durable inverter battery, look for GEL batteries like the Lemax brand. The Solar Gel batteries do not require much maintenance, making them an ideal choice for the Inverter. The most significant advantage of a gel battery is that it is environmentally friendly and safe. It emits minimal harmful gas into the atmosphere making your home/office a healthier place.

Deep Cycle GEL

These batteries are usually designed to be deeply discharged, thus using most of their capacity, often known as lead-acid batteries in the same form as automotive batteries.


This type of battery is built with an inverse correlation between the depth of discharge (DOD), the number of charges of the battery, and the discharge cycles it can perform; with an average "depth of discharge" of around 50% suggested as the best for storage vs. cost.


This is a special type of valve-regulated lead-acid battery and are usually designed like the heavy-duty lead-acid flooded/wet cells that are so common in the industry. The lead-acid gel batteries are filled with a thixotropic gel that is produced mixed with either sulphuric and/or phosphoric acid and produced from finely divided and sintered (burned) silica particles for various special applications.


The purpose of the filling is to provide an excellent heat transfer to the outside, so the battery can operate with a very low internal temperature rise. It further provides a reservoir of water to prevent the battery from drying out, and it also provides a reserve of acid so the battery can be recovered from accidental excessive deep discharge. This battery design permits continuous operation at high temperatures up to 50ºC/122ºF, as you might have in a dessert application, and with less degradation than other lead-acid batteries.

Power Supply GEL Battery

The power supply gel batteries actively work with partners to promote green energy in thousands of households and contribute to building a harmonious, energy-saving, and environmentally-friendly society. 


By combining a newly developed corrosion-resistant alloy and an advanced curing process, we created a range of long-life batteries -LM series.

High-Reliability GEL Battery


GE series batteries are designed with AGM separator and GEL deep cycle technology to give Extra-durable cyclic performance at extreme temperatures.

Battery Model

Nominal Voltage: 12V

Rated capacity (10 Hour rate): 100Ah

Cells Per battery: 6

Backup Power Supply GEL Battery

These batteries are designed with an AGM separator and GEL deep cycle technology to give Extra-durable cyclic performance at extreme temperatures.

Maintenance Free Energy Storage Battery


The Maintenance Free Energy Storage Battery features a superior deep cycle design with thick plates, high-density active materials, And a Slightly stronger electrolyte, Which can withstand repeated deep cyclic applications.

Benefit of Inverter Batteries

  1. The inverter batteries are rechargeable.
  2. The inverter batteries work with excellent efficiency and are highly reliable.
  3. The batteries help in faster charging and produce a large amount of current.
  4. It is an economical choice for all seeking alternative sources of electricity.
  5. The batteries do not have any harmful emissions.

Despite the enormous benefits derived from the inverter battery, the device still needs a lot of maintenance to last long and perform optimally. The best tips for maintaining your inverter batteries are listed below.

Inverter Battery Maintenance

  • Avoid under or overcharging the battery.
  • Only charge for Top-up when necessary.
  • Batteries should be well ventilated and out of sunlight.
  • Always store a battery only in a fully charged condition.
  • Keep each cell charged above 2.10 volts while in storage.
  • Refrain from charging when the battery is under load.
  • Ensure the charger switches to 'float' when fully charged.
  • Remember that it is expected that an inverter battery is warmer but not very hot at the end of a charge.
  • Remember that constant under-charging speeds up reduce the inverter battery's life.

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Dry Battery for Uninterruptible Power Supplies 12V26AH- VRLA Lemax


GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor and supplier of Lemax Batteries in Nigeria. The Dry Battery for Uninterruptible Power Supplies 12V26AH- VRLA are superior deep cycle design with thick plates, high-density active materials and slightly stronger electrolyte, Which can withstand repeated deep cyclic applications.

Our Dry Battery for Uninterruptible Power Supplies 12V26AH- VRLA Lemax are the special design batteries with 5 years floating design life at 25℃. Meet with IEC, BS,JIS and Eurobat standard.UL(MH62092),CE approved.

Features of Dry Battery for Uninterruptible Power Supplies 12V26AH- VRLA Lemax

Safety Sealing

  • Non-spillable construction
  • High power density
  • Excellent recovery from Deep discharge
  • Thick plates and high active materials
  • Longer Life and low self-discharge design

Application of Dry Battery for Uninterruptible Power Supplies 12V26AH- VRLA Lemax

  • Emergency Power System
  • Communication equipment
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Electric toy car and wheelchairs
  • Emergency Power System
  • Communication equipment
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Electric toy car and wheelchairs

Inverter Battery 12V/150AH Deep Cycle Luminous


GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is the distributor of Luminous brand of Inverters, Batteries and UPS systems in Nigeria. Inverter Battery 12V/150AH Deep Cycle Luminous is a robust capacity for power storage and a solid companion to your inverter, both working to enliven your environment with dependable power supply. Now backed by one-year warranty of the manufacturer, buyers of Inverter Battery 12V/150AH Deep Cycle Luminous are given the best protection available in the market today. What’s more, that long warranty period is an affirmation of the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of the product.

The sealed, spill-free design of the Luminous 150Ah AGM SMF battery means they can safely be moved and can even be placed is any position that installation may require. And with various protection features to safeguard your battery, you can trust the Luminous battery to offer to serve you well. You can also grab other exciting power supplies deals at lowest prices with fast nationwide delivery only on GZ Industrial Supplies.

Technical Specifications of Inverter Battery 12V/150AH Deep Cycle Luminous

Weight: 60 kg

Color: Black

Brand: Luminous

Inverter support: 600 VA – 10 KVA

Nominal Voltage: 12 Volt

Key Features of Inverter Battery 12V/150AH Deep Cycle Luminous

Low antimony alloy used for low maintenance

Suitable for areas with frequent and long power cuts

Excellent overcharge tolerance (accepts very deep discharge-suitable for areas with long power cut)

Factory charge battery in ready to use condition

Robust tubular plates provide many years of service

High Durability with sealed plastic housing

Quality exteriors

Protection against accidental cell short circuit

Long service life & Low self-discharge rate

Inverter Battery 200Ah/12V Genus


GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is the distributor of Genus brand of Inverters, Batteries and UPS systems in Nigeria. Our Inverter Battery 200Ah/12V Genus is specially designed for optimum performance, very long life, and high reliability. These are eminently suitable for a wide range of applications. Specification: Perfect Match for your Inverter & UPS Systems. Performs under extreme conditions. Withstands Deep Discharge and Overcharge. Excellent protection against leakage and corrosion. Strong Containers/Covers. Intercell Welding reduces chances of accidental short-circuiting of cells. Special Lead Alloy Composition. Excellent charge acceptance. Large electrolyte volume. Microporous PVC Separators. These batteries are reliable and economical for all types of inverters that are used for a variety of domestic and office applications. They are especially designed to support long and frequent power cuts. Loaded with various advanced features, Genus batteries ensure a tension-free, nonstop life.

Technical Specifications of Inverter Battery 200Ah/12V Genus

Brand: Genus

Colour: Black

Capacity: 12V

Weight: 8kg 

Where to Buy Inverter Batteries in Nigeria?

GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria has stocks of quality inverter batteries for your inverter installation at home, offices, hospitals, etc. You can buy inverter batteries in Nigeria at our offices below:

  • GZ Industrial Supplies Ikeja

18 Adesina street, off Obafemi Awolowo way, Ikeja, Lagos.

  • GZ Industrial Supplies Lekki

Suite 10, Olive Plaza by Osapa London bus stop, Lekki, Lagos.

  • GZ Industrial Supplies Apapa

10 Apapa Oshodi Expressway, Coconut bus stop opposite Total Jetty,

Apapa, Lagos

  • GZ Industrial Supplies Port Harcourt

238 Aba Road, Onyejieke's Plaza beside Fidelity Bank,

Rumuogba, Port Harcourt.

  • GZ Industrial Supplies Calabar

30/32 Ndidem Usang Iso Road, Marian, Calabar.

  • GZ Industrial Supplies Ogba

79 Yaya Abatan, by College Road Ogba, Lagos.

Tel. +234 8181069339, +234 8053390169 +234 8060907072

  • Tikweld Port Harcourt

238 Aba Road Rumuogba

First floor Onyejieke Plaza

Tel: 08071993873, 08071993874

  • Tikweld Abuja

Shop 016, Zitel Plaza, Plot 227 P.O.W. Mafemi Cres, Utako 900108, Abuja

Guides to choosing the right battery for your Inverter

Before making a choice on the type of inverter battery for you, read our teams suggestions on the best inverter battery in Nigeria 2021 reviews which gives a good suggestion on the best brands. Some critical considerations must guide your choice of inverter batteries which are:

Power Requirement:

The power requirement is an important aspect of choosing a good battery. It is simply the sum of the power consumed by electrical equipment.

For example, if you have two television, one fan, and a CD set to operate when there is a power failure, the power requirement for the battery and the inverter machine of choice should be as follows.

1 Television – 70 watts

1 Fan – 50 Watts

1 CD player – 15 watts

Therefore your total power requirement is ( 2*70 +5*50 + 2*15) =420 watts

Find the VA rating of the inverter battery you need

The VA represents the Volt ampere rating, which is the

the current supplied by the Inverter to the required equipment, and if the Inverter operates with an efficiency of 100%, then the power requirement of the electrical items will be equivalent to the power supplied by the Inverter. Most times, inverters have an efficiency that ranges from 60 % to 80%, and it is called the power factor of an inverter which is required by appliances. The power factor of most inverters ranges from 0.6 to 0.8

Power supplied (VA)= power consumed by equipment(power requirement) /efficiency or power factor.

The average value of the power factor or efficiency should be considered 0.7 in this example.

Power of inverter (VA) = 420/0.7 = 600 VA

In the market, 600 VA inverters are available. So an inverter with 600 VA will be right in the space.

Calculating the right battery capacity for your Inverter

It is proven that the inverter system cannot work with a battery and the performance and life of the Inverter are also largely dependent on the quality of the battery. This brings us to the question of how much backup an inverter can provide; this is where battery capacity comes in because it determines the backup hours, and it is expressed in Ampere hours (Ah).

Batteries with a capacity of 100 Ah, 150 Ah, and 180 Ah are readily available in the market. So how to decide which one do you need? To find this out, let's do a reverse calculation.

Lets assume that you need a battery that provides backup for about 3 hours.

Battery capacity = Power requirement (in watts) * Back up hours ( in hrs) / Battery Voltage (in volts)

Battery Capacity = (420 * 3) / 12 = 105 Ah

** Value of Battery voltage is taken 12V

Therefore a battery with a capacity of 105 Ah will work for you.

So if you want to run two televisions, five fans, and 2 CD players for 3 hours during a power failure, you would need a 600VA inverter and 105 Ah battery.

By understanding this simple calculation, you not only save yourself from the misleading information shared by inverter dealers but also help yourself in making the correct decision. The following are important guides in choosing the right inverter battery.

Battery Brand:

The battery is the primary functional unit of an inverter system, and the performance and life of the Inverter largely depend upon the battery quality. So when buying an inverter battery, the brand should be put into consideration with a good performance track record.

The Lemax inverter battery brand is one of its kind that offers you the best performance you are looking for.

Deep cycle batteries:

Deep cycle batteries are the ideal batteries recommended for your inverter backup. The deep cycle battery is designed to discharge using most of its capacity regularly deeply. It is suitable for the extended power delivery required by the battery bank. Deep cycle batteries are built to withstand many deep discharge cycles and recharge each time the power supply returns.

Wet cells:

Wet cells or flooded batteries contain a combination of liquid electrolytes and can also be used to power inverters. They offer a cheaper option with battery maintenance challenges. Checking and topping batteries is not a chore most people find easy, but it's usually less demanding than is appreciated. If you can't handle it, there is no point in buying batteries that are allowed to dry up and go to ruins.

Frequently Asked Questions on Inverter Batteries

Q1- Does an inverter need a battery?

Yes, Inverters draw power from batteries wired in parallel, though the battery needs to be recharged as the power is expended by the Inverter. The battery is the backbone of an inverter system.

Q2- What is the purpose of an inverter?

The aim and purpose of using an inverter are for backup during power outages and to supply the AC power to the appliances. It is also one of the essential equipment in a solar energy system. It is a device that converts direct current (DC) electricity, which is what a solar panel generates, to alternating current (AC) electricity, which the electrical grid uses.

Q3- How long does an inverter battery last?

A- Among other factors, how long an inverter battery lasts is ultimately dependent on its size, construction, how much energy is regularly taken out, its working temperature, and how old it is.

About GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria

GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is a company whose existence is premised upon the need for distribution and supplies of industrial materials and as one of the homes of the most prominent direct marketers and premier distributors of industrial materials, Metalworking and Maintenance, Repair and Operations ("MRO") supplies, workshop tools, Lubricants, Chemicals, Cleaning and Maintenance chemicals to industrial customers in Nigeria. Our good selection of inverter batteries, low price, and above all, high quality is why we maintain a top position for the discerning project manager. Finding a wide variety of inverter batteries has never been more comfortable for us. The Lemax inverter batteries are available at GZ Industrial Supplies and are suitable for use in industries, hospitals, and home-based applications. Our inverter battery is ideal for ensuring an effective and efficient alternative power.


The power inverter is essential, but the battery is the workhorse of the Inverter. The inverter battery can make a difference between the day and night due to the type of output you are getting, and hence it is a crucial buying component. Therefore, business-minded individuals, hospitals, cinemas, business centers, and offices must invest in inverter batteries for their power backup plan to enjoy an uninterruptible supply of power.

Contact us for further details and the availability of inverter batteries with the storefront in your location.

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