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Helium gas (Returnable empty cylinder) 40 Liters cylinders

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Helium gas (Returnable empty Cylinders when empty) 40 liters cylinder

 GZ Industrial Supplies is the supplier of Helium gas (returnable empty cylinders when empty) in Nigeria, this means that if you want to buy from us, be ready to return the empty cylinders after use or buy the empty cylinder altogether.

The wide variety of applications and its excellent safety and environment compatibility have made helium an essential product  As a leading supplier of helium gas,

GZ Supplies is able to offer a wide variety of solutions in the helium market. We can supply helium in a full range of purities and mixtures, in any quantity you require and as either a compressed, liquefied or bulk gas.

uses of Helium gas

Helium can be used for a multitude of applications, as a “light gas” that can lift balloons and airships, as a detector gas to detect the smallest of leaks in pipelines and tanks, as an important component in shielding gases for welding, as a carrier gas in residue analysis, in the manufacture of optical glass fibres or as a coolant in space technology and medicine.

GZ Industrial Supplies is the supplier of helium balloon gas to some of the biggest public events and street parades in Nigeria, but we also cater for any event right down to a small party at home.

Applications and Users

  • Aerial Photography
  • Balloons & Party Industry
  • Bird Scarers
  • Card Shops & Wholesalers
  • Event & Party Organisers
  • Hot Air Balloons
  • Party Wholesalers and Shops
  • Weather balloons
  • balloon
  • balloons
  • Air Ships and Advertising Balloons
NOTE: We charge for the cyliners if it is not to be returned, if you have an acceptable returnable cylinder we exchange for you.

Special Purchase

 If you want to buy and own the empty cylinders then you may need to also order for an buy altogether the empty cylinder whether it is 40 liters or 50 liters please purchase it here.Buying the whole cylinder that includes the gas kindly buy from here

Or you want to buy Helium gas cylinders that is 50 liters in size at well discounted rates kindly click here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What is helium gas used for?

Helium is perhaps best known as a safe, non-flammable gas used to fill party and parade balloons. Helium is, however, an important component in a variety of sectors, including scientific research, medical technology, high-tech industry, space exploration, and national security.

Q2 Can helium be used as a fuel?

Helium-3 (He3) is a gas that could be utilized as fuel in future nuclear fusion power plants. There is extremely little helium-3 available on Earth. However, there are believed to be large supplies on the moon.

Q3 What gas can replace helium?

Argon is favoured for particular metals and can be used instead of Helium. Helium is employed in many lighter-than-air applications, and Hydrogen is a viable replacement in many cases where flammability is not an issue.

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4 Reviews

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    Posted by benjamin on Apr 08, 2024

    The purchase exceeded my expectations, as it arrived earlier than expected. Due to their quick delivery, GZ Supplies was the only store that came to mind when I was searching to purchase these bottles. I'll choose GZ over and over again. It is also possible to buy new, empty bottles as well as filled ones.

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    fast delivery

    Posted by Calvin on Oct 19, 2023

    When i was looking to buy these bottles, i couldn't even think of any other place apart from Gz supplies because of their fast delivery system. I will chose them anytime any day.

  • 5

    Very durable

    Posted by Oboiora Kenechukwu on Nov 13, 2020

    This gas was really good as expected

  • 5

    All the gas you supplied gauged well and it is really serving me well

    Posted by Amed Aldulah on Aug 05, 2018

    All the gas you supplied gauged well and it is really serving me well

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