Inverter Battery 200Ah/12V Genus

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Genus 200Ah/12V
Genus 200Ah/12V
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Inverter Battery 200Ah/12V Genus

GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is the distributor of Genus brand of Inverters, Batteries and UPS systems in Nigeria. Our Inverter Battery 200Ah/12V Genus is specially designed for optimum performance, very long life, and high reliability. These are eminently suitable for a wide range of applications. Specification: Perfect Match for your Inverter & UPS Systems. Performs under extreme conditions. Withstands Deep Discharge and Overcharge. Excellent protection against leakage and corrosion. Strong Containers/Covers. Intercell Welding reduces chances of accidental short-circuiting of cells. Special Lead Alloy Composition. Excellent charge acceptance. Large electrolyte volume. Microporous PVC Separators. These batteries are reliable and economical for all types of inverters that are used for a variety of domestic and office applications. They are especially designed to support long and frequent power cuts. Loaded with various advanced features, Genus batteries ensure a tension-free, nonstop life.

Technical Specifications of Inverter Battery 200Ah/12V Genus

  • Brand: Genus
  • Colour: Black 
  • Capacity: 12V 
  • Weight: 8kg

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do inverter batteries last?

The lifespan of an inverter battery depends on factors such as usage patterns, maintenance, and battery type. Typically, lead-acid batteries last around 3-5 years, while lithium-ion batteries can last 8-12 years or more.

2. Can I use a car battery with an inverter?

While it is possible to connect a car battery to an inverter for temporary use, it is not recommended for extended periods. Car batteries are not designed for deep cycling (discharge and recharge) like inverter batteries and may get damaged or provide insufficient power.

3. How do I choose the right inverter battery capacity?

To determine the right inverter battery capacity, calculate the total power requirements (in watts) of the appliances you want to run on the inverter. Consider factors like the duration of backup required and the inverter's efficiency to select a battery with adequate capacity.

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13 Reviews

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    Reliable and affordable

    Posted by Somina tari on Oct 22, 2021

    thanks to GZ Industrial supplies LUMINOUS INVERTER BATTERY SMF 200AH/12V LUMINOUS

  • 5

    Very sophisticated

    Posted by Godwin Gosch on Nov 26, 2020

    last long

  • 5

    awesome inverters

    Posted by George Rogers on Mar 18, 2020

    Best Inverter Battery 200Ah/12V Genus

  • 5


    Posted by Alphonsus Njoku on Mar 10, 2020

    This is the best inverter I have ever bought, thanks GZ

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