Good Reviews and Testimonials: A low hanging fruit for Growth

Good Reviews and Testimonials: A low hanging fruit for Growth

Good Reviews and Testimonials: A low hanging fruit for Growth

Reviews are a great way to appraise an organization or a way to show the satisfaction of a product that meets all desired customer's specifications. Too many organization knows little or nothing about this subtle significance. I find it very important to tell you, put it to good use and by all means enjoy a good boost to your marketing and sales efforts for free. For me, I am always thinking about the growth of my organization and the best for my customers.

All organizations seek to create value for their customers. They exploit these values and make money. One thing most creative organizations do is ask the customers how they felt after the offered services or how their product matched their needs. Yes, organizations know they have done well and hence seeks such valuable response, they ask for testimonial not for documentation or to be kept in their historical archives but to use it to drive potential customer interests.

Importance of Reviews and testimonials

Customer or consumer behavior is unpredictable; hence it is essential to understand how to convince them to patronize your business. First and foremost, word-of-mouth from well-served customers helps blow your business trumpet. Customers will mostly not testify except prompted to do so. The best method companies adopt to get an easy testimonial is by sending them emails or letters to say something about the services or products offered to them. Customers will mostly oblige a response if they are happy. The real loyal customers will agree to send a review through your website, if you are like me, seek a five star a profound and interest comment in the review sections of your website. New customers will mostly always be swayed to buy from your website or plan to do so later.

Customers are beginning to have enormous power, and they want to use it all the time. The reach and scale of social media in customer interaction is ubiquitous, and they want to talk about the experience with any organization, advise others to beware, or enjoy whatever benefit they enjoyed.

Why this matters

Review matters so much. Statistics have shown that online shoppers use reviews to make up their minds on what products or services to purchase. In the year 2017, a customer behavior survey shows that an average of seven reviews is necessary to conclude a buying decision. 94% or online customers read reviews before making buying decisions, and 95% of shoppers read reviews before making a product purchase. Did you notice word of mouth have shifted from physical word of mouth to online word of writing, this is what we call reviews and testimonials on products services and products? There are myriads of research indicating the importance of reviews to business growth and behavior modification of customers.

Use in marketing strategy

Reviews will help to retain existing customers and create a lot of new customers. Research shows that 40% of customers make a purchase decision after reading 1 to 3 reviews, ensure you have as many reviews as possible, your marketing strategy must contain plans to recruit customers that will help review your business or products, authenticity of reviews is essential, do not engage in fake reviews or reviews from offshore marketers, reviews and testimonials can be identified by age, sex, and language

Organizations with more than average strategy on accumulating reviews to support business growth are KIA, TripAdvisor,, etc. I advise you to check through these websites and see what they do with this singular cheap strategy, plan to carefully understand how to control for quality realistic reviews from real customers

Strategies to get great reviews and testimonials

There are various ways and methods to get testimonials or reviews from customers. A customer that is excited about a product or services should be targeted, give them reasons to believe they matter. Your actions should encourage them to trust you about replicating the services in the future. Seek their consent to add them in a testimonial on your website, such consent is necessary, even when they don't want their full names mentioned, consent is king.

For product reviews ensure customers that were served well and enjoyed a quality product be encouraged to go back to the website to include their reviews. Follow up until they do do, don't forget customers that got less than the optimal product will give a less than optimal review (you should certainly plan for dissatisfied customers). Great reviews will always triumph mediocre reviews. Ensure you have a great product or render services. Reviews sure will help.

At GZ Industrial Supplies, we offer the best products and services; therefore, we seek for appropriate reviews and testimonials. 

Don't forget! Customer is King.

12th Jan 2020 Theodora Nnagbo

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