Water Based Degreaser Concentrate

Water Based Degreaser Concentrate

Water Based Degreaser Concentrate

Water-based degreaser concentrate is suitable and very active in dissolving substances such as oil and grease from hard surfaces e.g machine parts, floor, tools, pipelines and rigs.

Water-based degreasing agent formulated with alkaline agents, sodium metasilicate, complexing agents, corrosion inhibitors, surfactants, organic solvents, bactericides, coloring agents, and perfumes have been shown to be able to degrease machine parts contaminated with oils from a draw process to a standard quality of cleanness before polishing and is specially formulated for industrial strength applications. It contains no caustics, acids or harsh chemicals.


Used for cleaning food processing equipment and floors.

Used in Cleaning tools, pipes, engines, bearings, valves, engine cylinder head, auto components, spindles measuring instruments, marine, electrical parts and machine parts.

Dilute with water for economical cleaning and use on various surfaces including; metal, vinyl, plastic, rubber, concrete and stone, without causing damage.


Water-based degreaser is an ideal choice for surface cleaning in place of solvent wiping, easy to apply and excellent cleaning. It has excellent corrosion protection, fire safety and non-flammable. It is Non-toxic and Eco-friendly, bio-degradable and economical. Remove soil and dirt from most surfaces.

Many industrial processes like electroplating cannot be performed until the base product has been cleaned with a degreaser. That’s because, oil and grime accumulation on the surface will not allow the metal plating to adhere to the desired surface.

Another basic benefit is the anti-corrosive properties of these cleaners which prevent the formation of rust. Additionally, the cleaning by products are less hazardous in nature resulting in safe disposal. Apart from this, industrial cleaners impart a high intensity shine to the metal surface.

Cuts through any grease, dirt, soil, or grime and then suspends the soil. Excellent for use in automatic parts washers and pressure washing and also works well in immersion cleaning operations. Contains corrosion inhibitors to provide in-process rust protection.

Your choice of water based degreaser should depend on the type of contaminant you want to remove, the amount of cleaning agent needed, types of oil dispersing agents and post cleaning waste disposal system. For instance, a food manufacturer must use a water based degreaser that is food safe.


Surface contamination and the formation of deposits are critical factors which may lead to severely reduced life. These contaminants may be tiny particles of iron or rust from perhaps a nearby construction firm and not afterwards removed. Industrial, commercial and even domestic and naturally occurring atmospheric circumstances can cause deposits which can be quite corrosive. A perfect example is salt deposits from marine conditions.

You should carefully read the instructions accompanying your cleaning agent before applying it. Cleaners and degreasers offer numerous benefits and an informed choice will go a long way in ensuring top performance cleaning and maintenance of your equipment.

A lot of times you may feel tired of scrubbing those stubborn greasy stains that refuse to come off metal tops and surfaces. If you have tried looking for a lasting solution for this issue but have been unsuccessful, then look no further. Our water base degreaser and cleaner is an answer to all your cleaning problems. It works wonders in cleaning machine parts, pipelines, rigs, platforms, engines and on any other surfaces that you wish to clean.

Once you have studied your requirements and find that standard cleaning and degreasing solutions existing in the market does not meet your specific needs feel free to contact GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria, we sell the best water based degreaser and cleaner specially formulated to eliminate tough stains on machine tools, pipes, engines, bearings and valves. Allow us to provide you with water based degreaser concentrate that is tailored to your needs. 

15th May 2019 Eng. Anthony Ubong

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