Blowers are equipment or devices which increase the velocity of air or gas when passed through equipped impellers. They are mainly used for flow of air/gas required for exhausting, aspirating, cooling, ventilating, conveying etc. Blower is also commonly known as Centrifugal Fans in industry. In a blower, the inlet pressure is low and is higher at the outlet. The kinetic energy of the blades increases the pressure of the air at the outlet. Blowers are mainly used in industries for moderate pressure requirements where the pressure is more than the fan and less than the compressor.

Air blower machines are a simple and effective electrical device used in homes and industries to blow away dust from every nook and corner. For gadgets and electronics that have delicate parts that cannot be cleaned with a cloth, this is when you need air blowers to remove dust with its continuous air pressure. This durable and efficient machine saves a good amount of time and effort consumed in cleaning and dusting tasks.


Air blowers come in different types, depending on the power capacity, design of blades, size, and application. The types include:

Forward-curved: Here the design of the blade is in a curved direction. This creates a higher velocity when rotating a low speed.

Backward-curved: Here the blades rotate at a much higher speed as compared to forward-curved blades. The flat blades move away from the direction of rotation. It is best for tasks that require high-static pressure.

Airfoil: It has airfoil-shaped blades that gradually curve down to narrow towards the outer end.

Radial: Used in small exhaust systems, the blades are not curved and generally used for cooling purposes.


An impeller at the center of the air blower sucks air and creates a spiral flow of air thereby creating a dynamic pressure that forces the air to flow through a curved path and out of the blower. The different speed levels are set for various kinds of cleaning such as cleaning electronic components, leaves shed in the garden area, etc.


Air blowers are used mainly to circulate the movement of air to ventilation and applications. Their main function is to replace contaminated/impure air with fresh air by swirling it around. Almost every industry uses air blowers for different purposes such as drying, reducing heat levels, reducing smoke and odors, processing and controlling gaseous fumes. The primary purpose of an air blower is to ensure the provision of a steady air flow when needed, others include:

Furnace Fume Extraction Systems: Air Blowers are used as furnace extraction systems. Some portable air blowers are used as leaf blowers and vacuum cleaners also. They are applied in areas of operation where high heat and fumes are generated. They serve to extract these flames and smoke from the sites or the workshop thus making the working environment pleasurable and friendly. These fumes are purified through the pollution prevention and treatment sites. Areas best suited are Induction furnaces, exothermic reaction furnaces and electric arc furnaces.

Operation of Dust Collection Systems: Air Blowers are used as dust collection systems. The main aim of filtration is to remove particles from the air usually in the range of 2 – 10 micrometers and to handle large volumes of air continuously. Simple dust collection systems operate via a single unit vacuum system to develop suction and complete air filtration. Particulate matter is pulled into the impeller and into a container of a bag. The clean air can then be re-circulated into the room. Larger and more complex systems have a two-stage process, which is able to isolate particles based on their sizes. Cyclone systems are a good example of these systems. The air can then be exhausted outside or can be recirculated back to the house or production facility.

Oxidizing Air Pollution Control Systems: Air Blowers are used as air pollution control systems use heat or elements with additives to stimulate oxidation reactions. These oxidizers “wash” polluted air through platinum or palladium and cause oxygen to separate and result in formation of non-toxic waste products such as nitrogen and oxygen.

Non – Oxidizing Air Pollution Control Systems: Air Blower uses a different method to filter out impurities. They use air scrubbers (wet or dry) to complete the filtration. The dry types are able to remove gases like sulfur oxides or hydrogen chlorides, by use of alkaline materials. Wet scrubber cleans out dust and larger pollutants using water or other reagents. Electrostatic filters operate with electrical fields to clean out air. They clean out smoke, mists and liquid contaminants in the air.

Pulse Jet Cartridge: Air Blowers are used as Pulse Jet Cartridge Filters. This type of filtration system is basically applied for areas with ambient temperature conditions and basically for free-flowing dusts and materials. They are thus suitable for lighter to heavy volumes of particles in the air. Their typical processing volumes are 1.7 – 60 cubic meters of air.

Pulse Jet Hose Bag Type Filter: Air Blowers are used as Pulse Jet Hose Bag Type Filter. Some great advantages of this type of filters are that they have longer life of the filter bags, lesser emission levels, reduced power consumption, and also lesser space requirement on the floor. They are very suitable where air flows are in very large volumes, higher temperatures, and harder to clean materials.


Always select blowers that are light in weight that consumes lesser energy and can be used for a longer time without tiredness. Lightweight blowers are easy to handle, operate, maintain, and store. Electric air blowers are best for long hour usage or cleaning of the larger area. Choose battery operated handheld air blowers for small tasks. They can be charged easily and quickly. It is very much necessary to know about the different types of air blowers before purchasing one. Based on your application, a variety of air blowers design options are available, and the blower should be selected such that it offers long and efficient services.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful towards your understanding on what Air Blower is used for. Kindly contact us for more information about getting your Air Blowers.

Dec 09, 2020 GZ Team B

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