​Where to Buy Epoxy Flooring Materials In Nigeria

​Where to Buy Epoxy Flooring Materials In Nigeria

Where to Buy Epoxy Flooring Materials In Nigeria

Epoxy is becoming more and more popular as a flooring option in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. It is an adhesive, paint, plastic, or other material that is created as a polymer of epoxides. The term “epoxy” is used to describe coatings that are created from two components, consisting of a Part A Resin and Part B Hardener. This classifies epoxy as a copolymer. Chemically, resin is composed of short chain polymers, which at their end contain an epoxide group.

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History of Epoxy

Types of Epoxy Flooring Materials

Where to Buy Epoxy Flooring Materials In Nigeria

Benefits and Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy Flooring


There are many benefits that come with using an epoxy floor coating, compared to using other types of resins for flooring. Most importantly, Epoxy is known to be the highest strength resin in the industry. They offer the strongest bond between the resin and reinforcement and allow for the construction of the lightest part and most durable modules.

Epoxy is naturally chosen for its excellent mechanical properties and its dimensional stability. When properly cured, epoxy flooring offers good chemical and heat resistance, and extremely low shrinkage. Epoxy resins are an excellent choice for repairs since they bond to dissimilar materials and previously cured materials. Most epoxy resins can be post-cured with heat to improve their strength, service temperature, and dimensional stability. Parts should be cured at a temperature that matches or exceeds their maximum service temperature; otherwise, the epoxy might warp or distort. The bonding of epoxy paint offers a strength that cannot be matched by other common materials, such as vinylester or polyester.

Spiked Shoes for Epoxy Flooring

Spiked Shoes Used During Epoxy Flooring To Prevent Scuffs and Marks 

History of Epoxy

Epoxy resins were first introduced by Pierre Castan in Switzerland, in the year 1936, who synthesized the first epoxy polymer via the curing of it with a phthalic acid anhydride. In 1946, Epoxy resins were first offered commercially, at the Swiss industry fair. Today, Epoxy is something that is used in a wide array of industries, and especially for the building and construction industry. Other industries that Epoxy is used in includes aerospace and aircraft applications, automotive and racing, marine, military and defense applications, and sporting applications including snowboards, skis, or hockey sticks, and even for the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and other manufacturing.

During the mid 20th century, Dr. Sylvan Greenlee also created epoxy resins in the United States, by reacting epichlorohydrin and Bisphenol A specifically. Through this, Dr. Sylvan Greenlee was able to create one of the most widely used forms of epoxy today, known as DGEBA or BADGE. This form of epoxy is in fact the most popular commercialized resin of its kind in our current age. Epoxy can also help with mold applications and almost any composite part.

Epoxy floor coatings are sometimes also referred to as epoxy paint or epoxy floor paint. The finishes generally come in a uniform single colour, and their finishing can be chosen to be matte, satin or glossy. Epoxy floor coatings are generally used for areas with light to medium level of activities, and these can be for industrial or commercial areas. Since there is a long list of varieties and options for epoxy coatings, it is better to check with a flooring specialist to get the best-matched flooring. Depending on the environment’s purposes and functions, there would be a suitable flooring solution available to meet the requirements.

Epoxy Flooring is made by technologically advanced processing equipment after solidifying at a time. Regular structure and unified solidification make such products free from influence by environment and climate so as to ensure excellent and stable physical and chemical properties.

Types of Epoxy Flooring Materials

Epoxy resin Epochem 105 is used during epoxy flooring to form a durable and attractive surface.

Epoxy Resin, Epochem 105

Epoxy Resin, Epochem 105 is a clear color epoxy resin and is used in applications such as adhesive, casting, tooling, civil engineering, composites, automotive coatings, can coatings, marine and protective coatings, photo cure industrial coating, potting and encapsulation.

Epoxy resin, Epochem 105 is a high quality epoxy floor coating system that is solvent free when used as a clear non-pigmented coating or binder for flooring.

Uses of Epoxy Resin, EPochem 105

Epoxy Resin, Epochem 105 is a heavy duty clear or pigmented coating for concrete and polished concrete floors. Highly resistant to chemical attack and pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Can be used in conjunction with graded aggregates to produce durable decorative floor finishes.

Advantages of Epoxy Resin, Epochem 105

Epochem 105 is long lasting and easily maintained with good resistance to a wide range of domestic and commercial chemicals.

Solvent free when used as a clear non-pigmented coating or binder.

Outstanding water resistance.

Resistant to most chemicals

Epoxy Catalyst, Epochem 205, 20kg keg

Epoxy Catalyst, Epochem 205, used to speed up the hardening of epoxy resins.

Epoxy Catalyst, Epochem® 205

Epoxy Catalyst, Epochem® 205, Epoxy hardener epochem® 205 is a drying fast hardener and medium-viscosity epoxy curing agent. It is used in a majority of situations, at lower temperatures and to produce a rapid cure that develops its physical properties quickly at room temperature. When mixed with epoxy resin, Epochem® 105 Resin is a two-part resin to one-part hardener ratio, the cured resin/hardener mixture yields a rigid, high strength, moisture-resistant solid with excellent bonding and coating properties.

EPOCHEM 304/404 Epoxy Floor Sealers 

Are designed to penetrate concrete and timber floors to give a tough, dust free surface that offers long term chemical resistance and protection against forklift, trucks and heavy pedestrian traffic.


EPOCHEM 304/404 Epoxy Floor Sealers are most suitable for application on garages, factory floors, warehouses, airplane hangars, workshops, food processing areas and store rooms and all concrete floors that demand a tough, dust-free environment that can withstand heavy duty equipment and offer high chemical resistance.

Epochem Spike roller 9 inch for Epoxy Flooring

Used for installation of self-levelling epoxy and urethane flooring systems, and self-levelling cement screeds. Spiked rollers for epoxy and epoxy floor paint come with various sized spikes for different material thicknesses. Used for removing air and bubbles, and to assist with levelling and smoothing of self-levelling epoxy, urethane and cement screeds.

Features of Epochem Spike Roller 9 inch for Epoxy Flooring

  • Professional quality spike roller with steel and wooden frame and handle.
  • 11 mm solvent resistant spikes.
  • All spikes are locked together and turn as one unit.

Spiked Shoes for Epoxy Flooring

Spike Shoes are used by applicators for the installation of self-levelling epoxy and urethane flooring systems, and self-levelling cement screeds.

Spike shoes is used by good tradesmen that is ready to increase productivity and safety, when you are ready to eliminate annoying straps, buckles and adjustments, We offer fast shipping for the best epoxy spiked shoes.

Our Epoxy flooring spike shoes used for epoxy flooring operations is made of Polypropylene with 3/4" inch spikes, it also come with a Quick-release snap-buckle strap system.

Epochem Spike Roller 9 inch for Epoxy Flooring

Epochem spiked roller used to remove air bubbles and level the surface of epoxy flooring

Where to Buy Epoxy Flooring Materials In Nigeria

You can buy the best Epoxy Flooring materials in Nigeria from the offices below:

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Epoxy Resin Epochem 105, 5kg Keg

Epoxy Resin Epochem 105, 5kg Keg

Benefits and Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring has several advantages and benefits compared to other floor coverings such as vinyl, tiles or carpet.


Epoxy flooring can be applied as a seamless, easy-to-clean floor surface with a wide range of customisable colour options, as well as a variety of gloss levels (glossy, satin, matte). Further design options include the addition of coloured microchips and metallic pigment additives.


Since epoxy is a seamless and impervious flooring option, the concrete substrate is protected from chemicals, dirt, liquids and other contaminants. This makes the floors easy to clean and requires only a scrubber or standard mopping with a general-purpose cleaner, no waxing or buffing is necessary. Epoxy floors do not require much maintenance other than a standard cleaning, making them a great long-term value option.


One of the lesser-considered advantages of epoxy flooring is its ability to include a non-slip profile by broadcasting sand onto the wet body coat during application. This is an important facet for commercial or industrial spaces as the safety of occupants should always be a primary concern.

Epoxy Catalyst, Epochem 205, 5kg keg

Epoxy Catalyst, Epochem 205, 5kg keg


Workloads on epoxy floors can vary from foot traffic to truck and forklift traffic. An industrial flooring option can withstand daily abuse from a wide variety of equipment and manufacturing processes. As an abrasion and chemical-resistant material, epoxy flooring options can meet the durability needs of most industrial manufacturers.

Environment Suitability

As one of the most versatile flooring options, epoxy flooring is great for a variety of environments such as industrial, commercial, medical, food and beverage manufacturing, aviation, recreational, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, educational, grocery, retail and many more.

Green Credentials

As a world-leading manufacturer of resin flooring, many solutions produced by Flowcrete are formulated to be solvent-free, contain low quantities of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and do not present environmental hazards.

Working Safely With Epoxy Coatings

The use of epoxy coating systems continues to expand in popularity, with epoxies valued for strong adhesive properties, chemical and heat resistance and toughness. But coating applicators need to understand the potential risks of using epoxy products and know how to safely handle and apply these systems.

While potential health effects vary based on the type and duration of exposure, there are clear steps that applicators can and should take to mitigate the hazards. Epoxy systems can be used safely as long as appropriate ventilation, work practices, proper hygiene, and personal protective equipment (PPE) are considered.

EPOCHEM 304/404 Epoxy Floor Sealers

EPOCHEM 304/404 Epoxy Floor Sealers applied to epoxy floors to protect and enhance it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy Flooring

How Long does it take to install?

The exact installation time will vary based on the size of the area where you are getting epoxy floor coating, but in general it takes anywhere from two to three days for an average-size garage. It’s important to note that nobody can come in contact with the flooring (walking, driving, etc.) while it hardens for at least 24 to 48 hours, so make sure you are prepared to seal off the area completely.

Where can Epoxy Flooring be applied?

Epoxy Flooring has many applications in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Our epoxy flooring experts install epoxy in the following settings and much more:

  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Breweries and distilleries
  • Retail stores, shopping centers, bars, and clubs
  • Medical facilities including physician practices, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and vet offices
  • Auto shops and car showrooms
  • Food processing facilities, commercial kitchens, and restaurants
  • Gyms, locker rooms, and public restrooms
  • Public safety buildings
  • Educational facilities

Epochem Polyurethane Floor Paint

Epochem Polyurethane Floor Paint uses a synthetic resin to create an attractive, and resistant coating.

What is the maintenance like for an Epoxy floor?

Caring for your epoxy flooring is easier than you may think. You can just sweep and mop your floor regularly to keep it looking its best. Epoxy flooring in a garage or commercial setting can even be pressure washed and squeegeed as long as you have adequate cove protection installed.

While very hard, epoxy flooring can still be damaged. Use mats at doorways to prevent tracking moisture and grit on your shoes onto the epoxy where it can become imprinted in the floor. Most cleaning products are perfectly safe to use on epoxy but you should avoid acidic products that can degloss the epoxy coating. Soap-based products won’t damage an epoxy concrete floor but they will leave a dangerously slippery buildup on the surface. If your epoxy does develop stains, they can typically be lifted easily with a soft brush.

Can Epoxy Flooring Be Applied Over Tiles?

If you’re confident the tiled floor is clean and sound and you can stick to them with your epoxy, the next challenge is to get them flat. In my experience, there aren’t too many clients fond of protruding edges or visible grout lines in their new resin floor.

While a flat substrate can be achieved mechanically through grinding, it’s generally quicker and easier to apply a levelling compound to do the job. There are a few things I’ll say about this task.

Firstly, you may need to apply up to 5mm/2” to cover grout lines fully, which can add significant cost to the project and cause problems elsewhere with regards to heights around fixtures etc. These aren’t major problems for the contractor per se, however it can be if these things are communicated clearly to the client beforehand.

Secondly, don’t fall into the trap of thinking all levelling compounds are the same. While they may produce a flat surface, different products can interfere with the flooring system on top in different ways and give some undesirable results. For instance, floor levellers heavily diluted with water can form a very porous surface that could lead to bubbles and variations in gloss, while some epoxy floor levellers can expand and contract at different rates to the tiled floor and lead to grout lines becoming visible once again.

Epoxy flooringEpoxy FlooringEpoxy Flooring

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Where to Buy Epoxy Flooring Materials In Nigeria


Generally, Epoxy flooring systems can be a long-term, worry-free solution when installed by an experienced applicator. And because lifetime maintenance is so easy, resin flooring systems are an attractive flooring option for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Self-levelling (SL) epoxy flooring is a category of flooring that has self-smoothing properties once poured onto the substrate. Generally, self-levelling systems are applied between 1 to 3mm and applied in liquid form for fast installation, resulting in a smooth, seamless finish. The resin-rich formulations of epoxy provide a very strong durable finish for heavy-duty demanding environments.

We have a complete line of high-performance floor coatings; take a look at our list of products. We are able to provide a customized solution for your specific industrial floor coating needs. All of the world, more and more home and business owners are making the decision to install new flooring and epoxy is leading the pack. It’s no wonder when it appears to be the best flooring option for a myriad of reasons.

Contact GZ Industrial Supplies we have different flooring ranges that possess their individual advantages and suitability for different work environments. Let us know if you have a flooring project that may call for our flooring expertise. 

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