When Your Company needs an Industrial Epoxy Coating

When Your Company needs an Industrial Epoxy Coating

When Your Company needs an Industrial Epoxy Coating 

Industrial and Commercial sites must have Industrial Epoxy coatings that will allow your site to withstand the pressure and stress of everyday use. Of obvious note, all industrial floors must be able to support heavy machinery, spilled chemicals and stress from foot traffic, this should be a standard, in order to meet the needs of industrial wear and tear. Many businesses are turning to Epoxy floor coatings from Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Limited to provide unparalleled floor coating that provides durability, flexibility and cleanability.

The specialist team from Epoxy Oilserv did an in-depth analysis on when a company should apply Epoxy floor coating in all their facilities and the associated benefit.

In order to help you find out if an Industrial Epoxy floor coating will work for your business, ask yourself these few questions and if it typically applies to your situation:

When your facility needs an Industrial Epoxy Coating:

  • Do you have at least 10-40 employees that regularly work in your industrial building or commercial warehouse?
  • Does your business utilize heavy machinery (forklifts, aerial work platforms, compactors) on a regular daily basis?
  • Does your work environment have need for potentially damaging materials like steel, wood, iron or chemicals?
  • Do you require good clean environment as part of your competitive advantage? Cleanliness and safety is a vital part of my business success.
  • Does your operation involve working with industrial or chemical compounds that are caustic or acidic and can cause long term damage to exposed floors?

Interest in Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings might be your best bet if all or some of the above answers are “yes”.


1. Total and Long Term Protection

Any industrial or commercial floor that is left untreated and exposed can easily be damaged and stained by chemicals and abrasive materials. Also, the porous nature of concrete aids absorption of oil spills, grease or chemicals and this enables it to age faster, degrade in quality and less stable for a long period.

Industrial Epoxy Coatings strengthens concrete and gives it a protective layer that keeps it free of staining and scratching from heavy equipment.

2. Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings Are Durable

The unique chemical structure of an Industrial Epoxy system gives your substrate additional strength to withstand the weight, chemical exposure or abrasions that come with having an industrial space. Thick chemical compounds work together to create a smooth surface that can support thousands of pounds of pressure, day in and day out, for decades.

3. Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings Are Easy To Clean

Not only do Industrial Prime Coatings go on easy and last for years, they are one of the easiest floor coatings to clean. Naturally, liquid-resistant and are perfect for helping you to avoid dangerous spills that could lead to accidents. Epoxy floor coatings are also a wise business decision, as they can be cleaned with very little labor and cleaning supplies which saves you money in the long run. 

4. Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings Are Beautiful and Inexpensive

Epoxy floor coverings are naturally beautiful, providing a shiny, seamless floor that will last for years to come. We give you complete control over the color and style of your Epoxy floor coating. From quartz-accented topcoats to a rainbow of color options, you can make your workplace beautiful in addition to safe and durable. 

EPOCOAT 304/305 Floor Paint

Contact GZ Industrial Supplies Limited for technical advice and support for your industrial floor coating options, from the beginning of the design phase all through installation, we are open to offer assistance or answer any questions.

May 30, 2019 Eng. Anthony Ubong

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