Shell Refrigeration Oil S4 FR-F100 formerly Shell Clavus R100 synthetic Compressor oil

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Shell Refrigeration Oil S4 FR-F100 formerly Shell Clavus R100 synthetic Compressor oil

At GZ industrial supplies we have large quantities of Shell Refrigeration oil S4 FR-F100, Whatever your technical needs and operational conditions, there is a Shell Refrigeration oil to help you get the most from your equipment investment.

Benefits of using this refrigeration Oil

Every part of your machine or process has been meticulously engineered, so you need a lubricant that will protect and maintain its efficiency. The Shell Refrigeration Oil range lets you select the oil designed to deliver optimum value to your operation through enhanced equipment protection, and high system efficiency.

Synthetic refrigerator lubricant for use with R134a and other HFC refrigerants


  • Refrigerator compressors
    Shell Refrigerant oil S4 FR-F100 is recommended for use in open, semi-open and hermetic compressors operating with refrigerants such as R 134a, R 23, R 404A, R407C, R 507 and other blends of HFC- refrigerants. 

  • Refrigerator plant design
    For all applications of refrigeration and air- conditioning such as: industrial refrigeration, refrigeration systems for food storage, mobile and stationary air-conditioning.
    When switching to new refrigerants and refrigerator oils the requirements of the refrigeration system manufacturer have to be followed. 

  • Good anti-wear properties Minimise wear.

  • in bearings and pistons, the most critical parts of a reciprocating type compressor.

  • Good compatibility
    Shell Clavus R is compatible with elastomers commonly used in refrigeration systems. 

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