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spectrometer NIR AIK-3120 hellog

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hellog AIK-3120
hellog AIK-3120
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Spectrometer NIR AIK-3120 hellog

GZ Industrial Supplies is a distributor and supplier of hellog Agricultural Equipment in Nigeria. The Spectrometer NIR AIK-3120 hellog is a special analyzer developed for powder detection and analysis. The Spectrometer NIR AIK-3120 hellog can be used for detection and analysis of feed, food, dairy products, pharmacy, chemical industry, agriculture and other fields.

Our Spectrometer NIR AIK-3120 hellog can detect protein, fat, moisture, ash, fiber and other indicators. Small size and heavy instrument. It is light in weight and can be easily carried to the raw material site, production workshop and laboratory for testing and analysis.

Application field Order Species Index

1 Corn moisture, protein, fat, ash, starch

2 Soybean meal moisture, protein, ash, fiber

3 DDGS moisture, protein, fat, ash, fiber

4 Cottonseed protein protein, moisture, fat

5 Bean Cake Powder Protein, moisture, fat

6 Rice bran/rice bran meal Protein, fat, ash, fiber, moisture, acid value

7 South American fish meal Protein, moisture, ash, TVN

8 Flour wet gluten, moisture, protein, sedimentation value, damaged starch, whiteness, water absorption, ash

9 Turtle feed protein, ash, moisture, calcium, phosphorus, fat If the tested product is not in the above model list, our company can provide customized modeling service.

Specification of Spectrometer NIR AIK-3120 hellog

Product name:NIR Spectrophotometer

Measuring object:Soybeans, rapeseed, peanuts, wheat, etc.

Measuring time:<3min

Sample capacity:350ml

wavelength coverage:950-1650nm

Wavelength Range:950-1650nm

External interface: USB Instrument operating


Relative humidity of instrument work:<75%

Instrument storage temperature:-40℃-+60℃

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