Soil detector AIK-TPH01807 Hellog

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Hellog AIK-TPH01807
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Soil detector AIK-TPH01807 Hellog

GZ Industrial Supplies is a distributor and supplier of hellog Agricultural Equipment in Nigeria. The Soil detector AIK-TPH01807 Hellog is a long Type Soil pH, Moisture Meter Tester ,Hydroponics Analyzer ,Water Quality Plants, Humidity Soil Detector Measuring Range 3-8 pH and 1-8 Moisture.

Our Soil detector AIK-TPH01807 Hellog offers fast, simple, easy and accurate method to measure both pH and moisture level of different kinds of soil. The Soil pH value plays a huge role in how well plants can grow and in the production of quality crops. By testing your soil, you determine its condition so that you can adjust it more effectively and economically to achieve optimum results.

The Soil detector AIK-TPH01807 Hellog measures pH values from 3 to 8 indicating the acidity and alkalinity while the moisture level measures from 1 to 8 indicating dry or wet of soil.

Features of  Soil detector AIK-TPH01807 Hellog

Reliable and durable Water-proof metal electrode Fast and accurate Measure pH & moisture value of different kinds of soil Passed the strict quality and safety standards Great for quick pH & moisture reference of vineyards, orchards, field produce, nurser planters, lawn maintenance, gardens, planters

Measuring Range:3-8 pH,1-8

MoistureResolution: ±0.2

pHAccuracy: ±0.2 pH (Suitable for agricultural field and classroom experiments)

Operating Temperature: 5~50°C (41~122°F)

Size: app.41.5cmx4.8cm

Notes: Soil pH value is a very important factor for the quality of crops. Most of crops cannot survive in too acid or too alkaline soil. Get the right pH reading for your crop is very important

Color: As the pictures showNote: Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect  the actual color of the item

When using the probe for the first time, insert the probe into the soil several times to remove the oil and impurities on it.

When measuring the soil pH and humidity, first insert the probe into the soil as deep as possible, and read the pH value after about 10 minutes. Press the white button next to it, and the meter will display moisture.

When using it, be careful not to touch the stone when inserting the electrode, do not use too much force, otherwise it will easily damage the electrode; do not put the instrument and magnetic materials together, and do not keep it in the soil for more than 1 hour.

Wash the electrode after use.


1. If the soil at the measuring point is too dry or too much fertilizer to measure the pH of the soil, you must first splash water on the measuring point and wait 28 minutes before measuring.

2. Before using the measuring device, you must use an abrasive cloth to wipe and clean the metal absorption plate completely to prevent it from affecting the measured value. If the new product is not used, the protective oil on the surface of the metal plate must be inserted into the soil several times, and the protective oil layer must be cleaned before use.

3. When measuring the pH value, insert it directly into the soil of the test point, and the metal plate surface must be completely inserted into the soil, and the value obtained in about 10 minutes is the correct value. Soil density, humidity and excessive fertilizer content may affect the measured value, so it must be measured several times at different locations to find the average value.

4. The pH of the tester is stable after 10 minutes. At this time, press the white button on the side and the humidity will be displayed immediately.

Specification of Soil detector AIK-TPH01807 Hellog

pH range: 3-8 pH;

Moisture range: 10-80%;

pH accuracy: ±0.2pH;

Moisture accuracy: ±1%.

Environment temperature: 5-50℃

Measuring depth: 8-25cm 


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