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Tesla meter/ Gauss meter

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Tesla meter/ Gauss meter

GZ Industrial Supplies is a distributor and supplier of  Hellog tools in Nigeria

The Gauss meter is a portable, handheld gauss meter that detects electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and displays measurement results in milliGauss (mG) or microTesla (µT). This EMF radiation detector comes with an external 3-axis electromagnetic sensor (X, Y, Z direction).

A gauss meter displays electromagnetic wave measurements in Gauss (G), milliGauss (mG), milliTesla (mT) or microTesla (µT) units. A gauss meter can detect either static (DC) permanent (rare-earth) magnetic or dynamic (AC) electromagnetic fields (EMFs), or both. When testing magnets made of neodymium or other rare-earth elements, a gaussmeter or magnetometer capable of measuring DC magnetic fields is required.
In addition to measuring radiation, the gauss meter can measure ambient temperature and humidity at the same time. For mobile use, the electromagnetic field meter is operated with a 9 V block battery. The operating time for the electromagnetic field meter is a maximum of 20 hours. The current battery charge is displayed by the electromagnetic field meter via the battery status indicator.


- Measurement range: 0 ... 20000 mG / 0 ... 2000 µT
- Accuracy: ± 4% + 3 digits / ± 5% + 3 digits / ± 10% + 5 digits
- Resolution: 0.1 mG / 0.01 µT
- Detects electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on three axes (X, Y, Z direction)
- Displays measurement results in milliGauss (mG) or microTesla (µT)
- Comes with an external 3-axis electromagnetic sensor
- Data hold functionality
- Ideal tool for checking transformers and measuring EMFs generated by power lines, computer monitors, electric motors and installations
- Meets IEC 801-1 (EN 50081-1) / IEC 204 (EN 60204) standards
- Measures EMFs through casings, coverings and housings, eliminating the need to dismantle parts for inspection

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    Posted by Evelyn Uko on Jun 28, 2023

    This product is very precise and accurate. It gives accurate measurement of magnetic fields. I highly recommend for easier and faster measurement.

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