Schmidt Hammer Test Meter

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Schmidt Hammer-01
Schmidt Hammer-01
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  • Schmidt Hammer Test Meter
  • Schmidt Hammer Test Meter


Schmidt Hammer Test Meter

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor of Hellog Energy Schmidt Hammer Test Meter. Our Schmidt Hammer Test Meter is an instrument applied in non destructive testing of structure and compressive strength of concrete. It is to come up with the strength of the concrete component by testing surface hardness of concrete component. The instrument working method is as follows. The fixed value clicks the string, which starts the rebound hammer. When the hammer contacts the other side surface of rebound shaft on the testing surface of the tested concrete component, rebound impact is produced. And with the effect of the impact, the rebound hammer pushes the sliding pointer travel towards the reading which is to be obtained.

This instrument has a reasonable structure and is easy to rectify and maintain. It is featured with small size and light weight so that it is easy for carrying. It is suitable for on site testing. 

Technical Specification: 

1 Pointer Length(mm) 20.0 ±0.2

2 Pointer Friction(N) 0.65 ±0.15

3 Top Sphere Radius of Rebound Shaft(mm) SR25.0 ±0.1

4 Rebound Spring Rigid Degree(N/M) 785.0 ±40.0

5 Rebound Spring Working Length(mm) 61.5 ±0.3

6 Rebound Hammer Impact Length(mm) 75.0 ±0.3

7 Rebound Hammer Starting Point 0 of the scale +1

8 Average Value of Steel Anvil Rate 80.0 ±2

9 Rebound Hammer, Rebound Shaft Working Rigid (HRc) 61.0 ±2.

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    Great Tool

    Posted by Feso Ike on Sep 20, 2019

    Affordable to maintain

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