Thermal Reactor with gauge

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Thermal Reactor with gauge


Hydrothermal reactor with Gauge

GZ Industrial Supplies is a distributor and supplier of Hellog tools in Nigeria. The Hydrothermal Autoclave reactor or Hydrothermal bomb is a device used to carry hydrothermal reaction at high pressure and high temperatures with strict supervision. The reactor is mainly made up of two parts; outer high-quality stainless steel Shell made of high-quality nonmagnetic 304 stainless steel and the maximum operating temperature is 280-degree Celsius (536 Fahrenheit).

and PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoroethylene: Highly chemically resistant to corrosion, Acid and Alkali, and various organic solvents  and the reaction is carried out at maximum 240-degree Celsius (428 Fahrenheit)

This product extensively used in the scientific laboratory, research and development labs, institutional organizations, quality analysis section in industries for the following processes

  • The dissolution of organic chemicals, refractory material, heavy metals, etc.
  • Crystallization process
  • Material Digester/Digestion
  • Hydrothermal Precipitation
  • Hydrothermal Oxidation
  • Catalyst synthesis
  • Hydrothermal decomposition
  • Polymerization reaction
  • For cultured crystal growth
  • Synthesizing nanoparticles
  • Chemical synthesis


  • The autoclave shouldn't be operated without water. The utilization of hard water should be avoided in the unit.
  • Contamination can be prevented by properly cleaning the Teflon reaction vessel before usage.
  • There should be no extra weight on the autoclave.
  • The autoclave caps should be properly closed and when there is a need of opening them, a tightening rod can help in loosening the primary SS cap so no one should open it with force.
  • After using it for a day, dry and clean the hydrothermal reactor unit.
  • Utilize autoclave for its specific usages only.
  • Make sure that there is the correct operation of the pressure gauge.
  • Ensure the good condition and shape of both the gaskets and the stainless steel.
  • Clean the base unit’s surface where the gasket rests.
  • The gasket shouldn't be properly lubricated for reuse.


Volume  25ml   50ml  100ml  150ml  200ml  300ml  500ml

Body material: SS304 ; Liner: PTFE

Design pressure  Standard 30 bar

Temperature    Standard temperatures 230℃, heating and cooling speed: ≤ 5℃/ min

Cap/Max Diameter (mm)  54   65  75  97  107

Total Height (mm)  120  140  155  190  210

Total Weight (kg)  1  1.65  2.3  4.8  6.1  6.7  10.6

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