Tower Harness Karam

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Tower Harness Karam

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor of KARAM Safety Equipment in Nigeria. This Tower Harness KARAM is  specially designed for security organizations for fighting against any uninvited violence such as terror activity.These Tower Harnesses are widely demanded for salient attributes like complete body tightness , easy to wear, extreme flexibility and durability.We do complete quality and performance measure inspection of these tower harnessed before supplying these to our customers.


Ideal combination of fall arrest, work positioning, rescue and rope access applications.

Soft padding on shoulder, waist and leg straps for an extended comfort.

Also available with an Extension Band-Ref-PN 56(E).

One Dorsal and one Chest D-Ring for fall arrest.

One D-Ring at waist level for rope access work.

Two Lateral D-Rings for work positioning.

Adjustable shoulder, thigh straps and waist belt.

Conforms to : EN 361:2002, EN 358:2000 and EN 813

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1 How do you inspect a Fall Arrester?

When examining your harness, keep an eye out for any potentially damaged, burned, or ripped stitches as well as rivets at the locations where the hardware is attached. Examine every belt end, buckle, D-Ring, and webbing thoroughly. Your life might be saved in these few minutes.

Q2 What are the two types of fall arresters?

Its purpose is to minimize the force placed on the worker's body by stopping the fall once it has already started. There are two types of fall arrest systems: personal and generic.

Q3 What is the use of harness and fall arrestor?

When working at heights, fall arrest and restraint lanyards are the ideal piece of equipment to utilize with harnesses. They function by either catching you when you fall (arrest) or by keeping you from going into dangerous places, which eliminates the chance of falling entirely (restraint).

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