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Welding Goggles Liftfront (Shade 4)

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Welding Goggles Liftfront (Shade 4)

 GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is the distributor of Richardson Safety Equipment. Our

Welding Goggles Liftfront (Shade 4) is a 50 mm lift-front goggle with a soft PVC (free from cadmium). Coated frame. Lift-front locks in open or closed position. Adjustable elastic headband. Four capped vents ensure good indirect ventilation. Suitable for use over prescription eyewear

The ventilation slots are designed to prevent entry of sparks and spatter, at the same time ensuring sufficient air circulation to prevent dampness and fogging of the glasses.

The filter shade glass is mounted in a flip-up front frame.
A protection glass is placed in front of the filter shade glass in order to protect against spatter.

A protection glass is fitted in the fixed frame for protection when grinding and using the chipping hammer.


  • Crack resistance
  • Easy to wear
  • Approved quality
  • Clear lenses with anti-fog properties
  • Allows ventilation to prevent sweating
  •  Adjustable and elastic headband for comfortable use

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