Machinery and tractors

Agricultural machinery and tractors

Agricultural machinery is a kind of machinery that is essential for supporting making farming activities easier. We use agricultural machinery for various purposes on the farm. The most famous example is the tractor. Agricultural machinery use includes but not limited to soil cultivation and harvesting. Other applications of agricultural machinery in the farm are planting, adding fertilizers, pesticides, and organic manures, irrigation, producing sorting, haymaking loading, and milking animal feeding.

Intelligent Agricultural machinery 

The introduction of smart machines and autonomous vehicles to agricultural operations will allow for increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Currently, innovative sensing and actuating technologies, together with improved information and communication technologies, provide the potential for such advancements. However, the full exploitation of these engineering advances requires the inclusion of traditional agricultural machinery management process. As a result, conventional agricultural operations planning methods, especially the job-shop planning methodology, must be supplemented with new planning features, such as route planning and sequential task scheduling. GZ Industrial Supplies have partnered with manufacturers of some of these intelligent machines and autonomous vehicles. Our Partnership with advanced manufacturers is to exploit the use of advances in the sector to prepare for the imminent future intelligent human-crewed and independent sustainable operations in agriculture.

Agricultural machinery manufacturers we have partnered with have a massive range of products for the efficient and effective running of farms in Nigeria. We have a wide range of cultivators, sprayers and spreaders, feed distributors both vertical and horizontal, grain seeders, round balers, and bale wrappers, plows and transport refrigeration and heating system from great brands such as AgroHozainPromagroOmsk experimental plantNAIR and One of the global best manufacturers of balers Navigator


Farm tractor use is for the pulling or pushing of agricultural machinery and trailers. They are also used for plowing, tilling, disking, harrowing, planting, and harvesting tasks. A tractors' design is to deliver a high tractive effort at low speeds for hauling a trailer or any machinery on a farm. The use of the tractor and its importance is essential in farming operations; hence it is regarded as one of the most useful pieces of machinery that must be used in any farm no matter the size. The quality of tractors underscores their importance. Due to the clever use of tractors, GZ Industrial supplies have partnered with some of the worlds leading suppliers of farm machinery and tractors for the burgeoning Nigerian market. We have partnered with brands like Rostelmash Petersburg tractor plant Amazone for high-end quality tractors and budget pricing.

As the most renowned supplier and distributor of agricultural machinery and equipment in Nigeria we also have capabilities of farm machinery planning and management. Contact us