Agricultural Tractor K-424 Kirovets

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Kirovets K-424
Kirovets K-424
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Agricultural Tractor K-424 Kirovets

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributors of Kirovets Agricultural Machinery in Nigeria. This Agricultural Tractor K-424 Kirovets is basically a machine that provides machine power for performing agricultural tasks. It can be used to pull a variety of farm implements for plowing, planting, cultivating, fertilizing, and harvesting crops, and can also be used for hauling materials and personal transportation.

Features of Agricultural Tractor K-424 Kirovets

  • Operating weight 10 000 kg. (Without ext. Ballast)
  • Engine: Diesel, 240 hp, 2300 rev / min, 900 N • m.
  • Transmission: automatic with electronic communication with the engine.
  • Driving axles with locking differentials, front axle sprung.
  • Hydraulic brake, open disc.
  • Tires: 23,1R26 model F-37
  • Hydraulic working equipment: Pump Bosch tandem axial piston 100 cm3 40 cm3 + gear for steering, the maximum throughput of 210 l / min. Flow through one section of the control valve 95 l / min. Rear linkage 4 adjustable hydraulic line, free draining.
  • Rear attachment: category III with force and position control, load capacity of 6000 kg.
  • Multilift for aggregation with transport trailers. 
  • The cab with integrated protective frame, all-metal, double, sealed, with heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Dimensions. Length 6971 mm Width 2540 mm gauge 1930 mm, height of 3490 mm, the ride height of 500 mm, the rotation radius of 6200 mm.
  • Optional - ballast weights, a set of doubling the wheels, swingarm, PTO, Front linkage farm. 

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