Combine Harvester RSM 161 Rostelmash

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rostelmash RSM 161
Rostelmash RSM 161
4,500.00 KGS
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Combine Harvester RSM 161 Rostelmash 

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributors of Rostelmash Agricultural Machinery in Nigeria. This Combine Harvester RSM 161 Rostelmash is designed for harvesting all traditional grain crops — spiked cereals, bean cultures, oil plants, cereal and arable crops. Efficient combine with productivity of approximately 45 t/h makes it possible to process up to 2,000 ha per season.

The new Luxury Cab cabin features panoramic glazing, screen-wiper, and handy side mirrors. When it comes to space it is one of the largest in its class beating the nearest rivals by 30 % on average. It features ergonomic seats both for operator and assistant with improved working seat adjustments to the operator’s individual requirements. The cabin is equipped with the highly efficient climate control system. There are storage spaces for personal items, tools and food. The combine is fit out with the last generation on-board information system Adviser III featuring 10-inch color touch-screen monitor and innovative user’s interface with functions generally accessible at one, two at the most, menu levels. 

The Power Stream of Combine Harvester RSM 161 Rostelmash ensures a higher performance by reducing loss and optimizing the material feeding. The use of this header in combination with the original cutting unit (driven by a planetary gear reducer) minimizes shattering losses and ensures consistent uniform feeding whatever harvesting conditions will be. The reel is hydraulically driven, featuring synchronizing automatic adjustment of the reel speed to match the ground speed.

For material cleaning, an OptiFlow double cascade cleaning system is used, which features a proprietary suspension for sieves with an area of 7.1 sq. m. A powerful optimized air flow, large drop height and precleaner tine grid significantly improve cleaning performance.
This proprietary solution ensures a more uniform distribution of the air flow and prevent sticking of highly bearded heads in the sieves. The cleaning system utilizes a turbofan; fan speed is controlled from the cab and displayed on the control panel. Cleaning of the sieves and components is easy, the sieves can be quickly adjusted by the operator from the cab 
and provided with the new Luxury Cab. As soon as you get inside you will feel how comfortable the operator station can be, and you will be pleased with the comfort that really adds to performance efficiency, less strain and fatigue.

The Adviser III voice information system continuously monitors the threshing performance and functioning of combine mechanisms for process stability control and avoidance of components failures. 

Technical Specifications of Combine Harvester RSM 161 Rostelmash 

Brand: Rostelmash

Tank capacity: 10 500 Ltr

Tetra Processor threshing system Diameter: 800 mm

Unload rate: 115 L/sec

Weight: 4500 Kg

Rated Hp: 380

Engine Type: Cummins QSL 9

Combine capacity: 40 tons per hour

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