Honda Generator EG6500CXS

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Honda EG6500CXS
Honda EG6500CXS
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Honda Generator EG6500CXS 

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor of Honda Power Products in Nigeria. The Honda Generator EG6500CXS is a 5.5 Kva single-phase generator. output of 220 V in alternating current, with automatic voltage regulation with system “D-AVR” (automatic digital voltage regulator) that allows to compensate power fluctuations when the load varies.

Due to its “digital” characteristic, this system copies almost exactly the sine wave voltage, allowing its use in electronic equipment. Thanks to its 4-stroke engine has a greater autonomy, reaching more than 6 hours of continuous use with a fuel tank. Equipped with electric and manual start and oil and temperature warning system that stops the equipment in case of failure. For its easy starting and simple operation make this equipment an ideal tool for home and professional use, supporting any type of device or machinery such as a 1 HP pump.

The New EG range is designed for the professional user requiring toughness, reliability and performance for the most demanding commercial and rental applications.

Features of Honda Generator EG6500CXS

  • Built-in Circuit Breaker

            To protect the generator’s engine from damage caused by overload or short circuit.

  • Circuit Protector

            Supplements the circuit breaker in the event of overloading, thus providing double protection to the generator.

  • Oil Alert

            Prevents engine seizure due to low oil level, prompting the user to conduct oil change.

  • Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator (D-AVR)

            Gives inverter-like voltage stabilization to supply stable electricity

Technical Specifications of Honda Generator EG6500CXS

  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • AC Output Voltage: 220V
  • Rate AC Output: 5.0kVA
  • Max. AC Output: 5.5kVA
  • DC Output: 12V-8,3
  • Model: GX390
  • Engine Type: Air Cooled 4 Stroke OHV Single Cylinder
  • Displacement: 389cc
  • Ignition System: Transistorized magneto
  • Continuous Operating Time: 8.0h
  • Starting System: Electric / Recoil
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 24 Liters
  • Operating Noise Level @ 7m: 73db(A)         
  • Dimension (L X W X H) mm    857 x 511 x 542mm
  • Dry Weight: 89.0 kg
  • Noise Level @7m: 74db(A)

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is a standby generator?

A standby generator is a larger generator that is permanently installed and connected to a building's electrical system. It automatically switches on when there is a power outage and provides backup power until the power is restored.

2.Can I use a power generator to power sensitive electronics like computers or TVs?

Yes, but you need to ensure that the generator produces clean power with a stable frequency and voltage. Inverter generators are ideal for powering sensitive electronics.

3.Can I connect my generator directly to my home's electrical system?

No, you should never connect a generator directly to your home's electrical system as it can cause backfeeding and potentially harm utility workers. Instead, use a transfer switch to connect the generator to your home's electrical system.

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7 Reviews

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    Posted by Edward G on Nov 01, 2023

    This generator is a game-changer! It has a large fuel tank lasting 10 hours and steady power delivery, it's reliable for all my needs, though I still use a surge protector for my electronic gear.

  • 5


    Posted by Jackson Belema on Oct 30, 2023

    My Friend told me of this particular Honda Generator some time ago .. I decided to give it a try, to my greatest surprise, this Generator has worked more that what my friend told me. I'm happy i purchase this product.

  • 5

    Very Good

    Posted by Fubara Longjohn on Oct 30, 2023

    The specification and features of this Generator is second to none.. this is the best i have come across so far.

  • 5


    Posted by Merit on Oct 30, 2023

    This is more than what i expected the Generator is extremely working well, no complain, power supply is constant . i recommend it.

  • 5


    Posted by uzoma felix on Jan 20, 2023

    very powerful generator, serving me at my office place

  • 5

    dependable product

    Posted by Ozor Frankie on Dec 14, 2020

    Original and quality Honda Generator from GZ Industrial Supplies

  • 5

    Excellent product

    Posted by Engr. Okokon Indifreke on Dec 11, 2020


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