Inverter 5kVA/96V Luminous

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Luminous 5kVA/96V
Luminous 5kVA/96V
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Inverter 5kVA/96V Luminous

GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is the distributor of Luminous brand of Inverters, Batteries and UPS systems in Nigeria. Our Inverter 5kVA/96V Luminous is designed for increased capacity load for home and office use, with maximum output capacity of about 4000 watts. In the home, most household equipment, excluding the air conditioners, can be supported with the Inverter 5kVA/96V Luminous that will include domestic fans (5 units), televisions sets (2 units), lighting points, freezer and other light load appliances in the home. For the office, the Luminous 5kVA/96V inverter will also take a range of office equipment, covering computers, printers, lighting, etc, subject to a reasonable total load. The Inverter 5kVA/96V Luminous would also power a freezer and a refrigerator. You are not expected to power your Iron with this inverter. 

The Inverter 5kVA/96V Luminous has been well-established as one of the top brands in the Nigerian market. With a proven performance track-record and currently serving many homes and offices, the Inverter 5kVA/96V Luminous  assures great value for money. Our Inverter 5kVA/96V Luminous  is a high output capacity digital Luminous inverter offering robust backup performance. The Inverter 5kVA/96V Luminous  comes with 96V input voltage. Thus, it will use 4 pieces of 24V inverter battery.

The Inverter 5kVA/96V Luminous offer smart charging capability that ensures your inverter batteries charges faster due to incessant PHCN power failures. So within 4 - 6 hours your battery gets charged and you may use it for many more hours depending on the load. So If looking to invest in an inverter brand that will not only last but offer reliable performance, Inverter 5kVA/96V Luminous  should rank high in your shopping list.

Features Of Inverter 5kVA/96V Luminous   

  • Suitable for Home and office

  • Pure Sine Wave Output

  • Synchronized Changeover

  • MCB Protection

  • Bypass Switch

  • High over-load handling capacity

  • Installation and maintenance friendly

  • Eco friendly: Say no to fumes, noise and pollution

  • Automatic Start - Can run without User Intervention

  • Intelligent battery charging mechanism

  • Built-in Protection: Overload, Short-circuit, Battery Deep Discharge & Battery Reverse Polarity Protections

  • Smart Charge + technology for faster charging and longer battery life

  • Intelligent thermal management for longer life and higher reliability

  • Audio alarm on battery low, preload, overload

  • 8 Batteries of 200AH/12V

  • Cost Effective Power – Reduced Generator Usage

  • Extended Back Up and Battery Life

  • Maximum Protection to your equipment

  • User Friendly LCD display

  • Noiseless Operation

  • Pollution Free

  • Ideal for Data Centers, Internet Nodes & Switches, Bank ATMs, Security Systems, Medical Diagnostic Systems

  • Eco Friendly

  • input voltage range: 48v

Technical Specification of Inverter 5kVA/96V Luminous

  • Brand: Luminous
  • Colour: White
  • Weight(kg): 50
  • Capacity: 48V
Frequently Asked Questions about Inverters 
1. Can I install an inverter myself?

The installation of an inverter depends on the specific circumstances and complexity of the system. Some simple inverters can be installed by individuals, while others may require professional installation, especially in larger or more complex setups. Always consult the manufacturer's guidelines and local electrical codes when installing an inverter.

2. How long will a battery last with an inverter?

According to what we have studied above, a 12V vehicle battery should probably last 10-17 hours when connected to an inverter. Although there is a particular formula that you may follow, it will be dependent on the load and ampere-hour the battery packs.

3. How long will TV run on an inverter?

1200 VA / 720 Watt inverter with 1 battery will power a TV, DSTV, Computer, a few lamps and cell phone charger for up to 4 hours.

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    Posted by Mr Tobe on Apr 24, 2020

    nice and have not failed me for once...

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    Posted by Alvin Eket on Apr 17, 2020

    The LCD screen is very clear, easily understandable and ensures that use of the product is efficient

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    I am so happy i got this, Absolutely amazing,

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