Inverter Battery 220AH/12V - TT Luminous

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Luminous 220AH/12V - TT
Luminous 220AH/12V - TT
64.00 KGS
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Inverter Battery 220AH/12V - TT Luminous

GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is the distributor of Luminous brand of Inverters, Batteries and UPS systems in Nigeria. This Inverter Battery 220AH/12V - TT Luminous have Tall Tubular plates inside it. Tubular is latest technology in Inverter batteries application. It comes from Factory in ready to use condition and it can start working as soon as you connect an inverter with it. 

Designed exclusively for inverters and UPS, this is an excellent value for money product that provides the longest duty life with minimal maintenance needs. This battery is particularly suitable for use in areas with frequent power cuts. 

Key Features of Inverter Battery 220AH/12V - TT Luminous

  1. Extremely high purity, corrosion-resistant proprietary spine alloy composition ensures longer battery service life
  2. Tubular plate construction ensures uniform distribution of positive active for extremely long life and superior performance, and also ensures deep cycle usage
  3. Manufacture of spines using HADI high pressure casting machine, helps maintain void free and uniform grain structure.
  4. Extra-strong, flexible oxidation-resistant gauntlet for higher performance and extremely long life
  5. Balanced plate design, inter-partition connections, ensures lowest internal resistance for improved charge acceptance & excellent deep discharge recovery.
  6. Level indicators aid easy maintenance
  7. Tower type PPCP container-cover design, assuring significantly higher electrolyte level above plates
  8. Easy maintenance with In-line level indicator for easy visibility to water level
  9. Special envelope separator minimizes possibility of internal short circuit
  10. Robust Tubular plates provide many years of service
  11. Low antimony alloy used – very low maintenance
  12. Sleek appearance in sealed plastic housing
  13. Steady output voltage
  14. Excellent overcharge tolerance (Accepts very deep discharge – suitable for long power cuts)

Technical Specifications of Inverter Battery 220AH/12V - TT Luminous

  • Weight: 64 Kg 
  • Technology - Tall Tubular 
  • Inverter support - (600 VA – 10 KVA)
  • Nominal Voltage - 12 Volt.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. How many batteries do I need for my inverter?

It may be advisable to operate the inverter from a bank of 12, 24 or 48 Volt batteries of the same type in a “series” and/or “parallel” configuration. If you parallel two such batteries this will generate twice the amp/hours of a single battery; three batteries will generate three times the amp/hours, and so on.

2. How do I know if my inverter battery is weak?

Check the battery voltage when it's fully charged and is not in use. In other words, check the battery voltage without any load. Ideally, the voltage should read 11 or 12V. If it's less than 10, it's a sign that your battery is dead and you need to replace it.

3. What causes the inverter battery to drain fast?

One of the most common causes of battery drain is just keeping the inverter on without using it for long periods of time.

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7 Reviews

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    Posted by chinedu ebernizer on May 06, 2024

    luminous inverter battery from GZ is suitable for its purpose and know for strength and agility. Best quality batteries i have used for my inverters they have lasted for donkey years. highly recommended.

  • 5


    Posted by ifesinachi felix on Nov 13, 2023

    To put it briefly, I have never regretted buying anything from you guys. The device has really fulfilled the reason I bought it, and your customer service is outstanding.

  • 5


    Posted by Richard on Nov 01, 2023

    Luminous Battery is the best quality product from GZ-Industries.. the performance is top notch, very strong and last long.

  • 5

    Very Good

    Posted by Nedu Obodo on Nov 01, 2023

    High quality product from GZ-supplies .. this is about a year and three months i bought this battery , no complain . i highly recommend it

  • 5


    Posted by Bath Lawson on Nov 01, 2023

    This product the superb, this is the best Battery so far. last longer and very fast in charging .

  • 5

    Wonderful battery

    Posted by Mrs Glory Etoha on Apr 21, 2022

    I must say that the long-lasting battery life of this battery is so good. it has been serving my home very well. INVERTER BATTERY 220AH/12V - TT LUMINOUS.

  • 5


    Posted by Thompson Daniel on Mar 03, 2020

    Very powerful and high performance battery.

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