​Basic Maintenance Tips to Extend Lifespan of Medical Devices

​Basic Maintenance Tips to Extend Lifespan of Medical Devices

Basic Maintenance Tips to Extend Lifespan of Medical Devices 

   Medical devices are instruments used for medical purpose, either to diagnose or to treat patients. Maintenance of medical devices is very essential, it involves putting in all measures relating to providing the adequate level of services the devices will render and also limiting down time of such devices in the medical facilities.

There are various forms of maintenance, however, maintenance of medical devices falls under two types of maintenance which are; Preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is a scheduled event which when implemented reduces emergency repairs or total replacement. This type of maintenance saves you money and it gives you greater return of investment over time while it lowers expenses down. On the other hand corrective maintenance is used to identify ,isolate and restore the faults of the devices .This type of maintenance is used to restore devices immediately before more significant break down occur.

Every patient will love to be attended to in a hospital that has all their medical devices running in good conditions. Most of these devices have a life span or duration in which they can function accurately, but with proper maintenance their life span can still be extended and devices kept working perfectly.

The following are the basic maintenance tips to extending lifespan of medical devices.

    1. Train and retain staffs

This step is very important, training of medical staffs on how to properly maintain their devices is very key .For instance some devices are never to be dropped close to metals or on the floor, while some are to be cleaned or sterilized and returned to their various cases/boxes after use. An untrained staff could cause a breakdown of a device if he/she does not know how to use it or mishandles it.

   2.  Carrying out daily routine check

Routine checks on all devices are necessary in maintaining the device and also extending its life span. This tips helps in noting when the device starts malfunctioning or having possible issues before developing faults. Daily check helps to ensure the device is in good condition before it is been used for the day’s activities.

   3.   Replace Reagents and lubricants

Some medical devices require reagents, lubricants and other consumables inserted or filled up on a regular basis for them to function properly. Reagents and other consumables in this content serve to deliver outcomes from diagnostic equipment, while lubricants reduce friction around any moving parts. A schedule properly followed in lubricating and replacing reagent and consumables can extend the life span of the device.

  4.   Maintain a clean work environment and keep devices clean

Clean environment cannot be over emphasized in ensuring that your medical device lasts as long as it should. Avoid food, fluids and flammable substance in your work space, so they don’t get in contact with your devices. Ensure that all your medical devices are kept clean and tidy after use, make sure sample containers are washed and dried properly and used consumables are properly disposed of.

   5.  Turn off devices when not in use

This is very vital, turning off a medical device when it is not in use not only helps your facility conserve power, but also helps to increase the life span of the device. This point also helps preventing overheating as well as damages from power supply.

   6.  Sterilize and Disinfect devices

Some devices have been said to have a false reading and major reason of this is due to dirty on exposed surfaces of the devices. Always ensure to properly sterilize or disinfect medical devices after use, this can prevent taking false readings or diagnosis and also the spread of diseases.

Using the basic maintenance tips, it will not only extend the life span of the devices but also improves patient’s satisfaction and outcome. If you have any questions or concerns about Maintenance Tips for Medical device Equipments, you can always Contact us for support.

7th Feb 2020 Ruth Ozichu Yakubu

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