Welding machines or welders as some people may call it, are among the most essential tools for a welding professional. Welding machines generate heat that melts metal parts, so that these parts can be joined. Nevertheless, there is no single welding machine that is suitable for all welding projects.


An inverter welder is a relatively new and innovative type of welder that has a host of advantages when compared with the conventional welders that most of us are accustomed to. Inverter welders use sophisticated silicon based technology as compared with heavy copper/aluminum transformers and rectifiers seen in traditional welders.

There is no denying that when inverter welders were first introduced they created quite a few teething problems as any new technology would. However, since then, inverter technology has become reliable, cost effective and having its own merits.

In simple terms, an inverter is an electronic system for voltage regulation. In the case of an inverter welding machine, it converts AC power supply into a lower usable output voltage - for example, from 240V AC supply to 20V DC output.

Inverter-based devices use a series of electronic components to convert the power - in contrast to conventional transformer-based devices which depend primarily on a single large transformer to regulate the voltage.

An inverter works by increasing the frequency of the primary power supply from 50Hz up to 20,000 – 100,000Hz. This is done through the use of electronic switches which turn the power on and off extremely quickly (up to 1 millionth of a second). By controlling the power supply in this way, before it enters the transformer, the transformer size can be very significantly reduced.


1. Small size, light weight, saving manufacturing materials, portable and easy to move

The basic characteristics of inverter welder is high operating frequency, so it bringing many advantages. The transformer, both the original winding or secondary winding, its electric potential (E), the current frequency (f), magnetic flux density (B), section area of the iron core (S) and winding (W) is as follows: E=4.44fBSW

As the frequency of inverter welding machine is much higher than the operating frequency, so the transformer size and weight will be greatly reduced. Similarly, substantial increase in operating frequency, the reactor's size and weight will be drastically reduced.

2. Flexible control

Inverter welder apply electric drive semiconductor power devices, it can precise control of the size of the current in the microsecond range. Control to improve the accuracy significantly improved precision welding and cutting, meets the needs of a variety of welding methods. The welding current of traditional welding machine adjusts only by manual adjustment transformer. Its make arc stability is poor and unable to accurately control the welding process; it is difficult to meet the requirements of welding refined.

3. Energy saving and high efficiency

The transformers and reactors of inverter welding machine greatly reduce the size and weight, the corresponding power loss (mainly magnetic core loss and conductors energy consumption) also will be greatly reduced, and the effective power output up to 82% ~ 93%. The traditional welding machine effective power output only 40% to 60%, it is serious waste of power resources.

4. Output voltage and current stability

Inverter welder has anti-interference, less susceptible to voltage fluctuations and temperature changes. Traditional welding machine apply AC power, because the direction of current and voltage change frequently, the arc extinguished and re-ignited 100 ~ 120 times per second, arc not continuous and stable combustion, making the work piece heating time is longer and reducing the strength of the weld.

5. Great for Hobbyist Welders

If you are just learning it at home, the transformer machine is not suitable for you because of its huge weight and size. It’s not newbie friendly and they don’t support your household electricity.

So, the compact inverter welder is the only solution for you. It perfectly supports your household electricity and does not require any additional electrical wiring.

Since you are just learning, you have to exercise all the precautions like wearing your ADF welding helmet and other PPE. Remember, though the inverter welder is small, it does not mean it is less powerful.


Diesel Engine Driven Welders incorporate a gasoline, diesel, or propane fueled engine coupled to an electrical generator to produce power for Stick, TIG, MIG and Flux-Cored welding. Diesel engine driven welders are typically transported on a truck or trailer and are primarily used outdoors. The electricity generated by an engine driven welder powers fans, pumps, air compressors or other electrical tools commonly found on jobsites. During power outages, an engine driven welder can also be used as a backup generator.


One of the biggest advantages of Diesel engine driven welding machine is that they are extremely powerful tools, and can therefore be put to some serious use. They don’t come in the small engine-driven welders range from around 200 amps to up to 800 amps, meaning they are suitable for any size of job. Ideally, you should opt for the most powerful generator you can afford. Since it’s likely that you will be using it in an area with no access to electricity, a larger generator will mean you can use more tools at once, helping you complete your project more efficiently.

As well as being powerful, Diesel engine driven welding machines are also remarkably durable. Since they are designed to be transported from job to job, often in harsh conditions, these welders are built to be as rugged as possible. Ideally, your chosen welder will be strong enough to withstand the often hazardous environment of pipeline welding, while also being small enough to be easily transported by workers. Whether it’s being taken down a bumpy road in the back of a truck, or exposed to adverse weather conditions, an effective engine-driven welder will put up with pretty much anything thrown at it.

Finally, since diesel engine driven welding machines are designed to be used in places which don’t have ready access to an electrical supply, it should come as no surprise to learn that they have enough power to not only run the welder itself, but also a range of additional equipment that you might need, from power tools to lights and more. A decent-sized welder generator should be able to generate at least 11,000 watts, which will be plenty enough for your needs. If there’s a total power outage, then you could even use it to power emergency equipment as well as your best MIG welder making it an extremely useful piece of machinery to have around, wherever you might be working.

The world of welding is fascinating especially, to a DIY enthusiast or an aspiring welder who has just begun to learn the trade with its wide range of products and accessories available for use on the market. There is a wide assortment of welding accessories that can be selected ranging from MIG welders, TIG welders and stick welders all the way to oxyacetylene welders. There are also several other high-end welding machines that are relatively more expensive in comparison with the more common TIG and MIG ones; these high-end welding machines are, however, often driven by fuel-fed engines in order for them to be used off the electric grid with equal convenience.

If you are an aspiring welder, it would be best if you understood the different types of welding equipment to better your prospects for employment. If you are able to decide on which welding model would be more compatible for a particular project, you’d better your chances of being appointed as a supervisor or project assistant by an employer.

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Dec 11, 2019 Eng. Anthony Ubong

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