​The Best Infrared Thermometers in Nigeria 2021 Reviews

​The Best Infrared Thermometers in Nigeria 2021 Reviews

The Best Infrared Thermometers in Nigeria 2021 Reviews 

The Best Infrared Thermometers in Nigeria 2021 Reviews

Infrared thermometers are ideal for measuring temperatures from a distance. They provide accurate temperatures without having to touch the object you're measuring. An excellent infrared thermometer will let you stand at a safe distance and still give you a quick and accurate reading of the object's temperature.

You can use an infrared thermometer to measure objects that are:

Fragile (example computer circuitry)

Dangerous (example gears, molten metal)

Impenetrable (example frozen foods)

Susceptible to contamination (for example foods, saline solution)

Moving (example conveyor belt, living organisms)

Items that are in a distance that the hand cannot reach (for example, air conditioning ducts, eardrums).

To make sure you are working with the best possible kit, we put together a comprehensive review of some of the best-infrared thermometers available in the Nigerian market. 

Infrared Thermometer TP500 CONTECInfrared Thermometer TP500 CONTEC can be used in poultry, human body temperature measurement.


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Non-contact Infrared Thermometer FD-200AT Secure measure temperature from a distance. #40,000.00

GM320 Digital infrared thermometer measure surface temperatures of objects by sensing the infrared radiation emitted by the object's surface#35,000.00

Smart Sensor AR330+ Infrared Thermometer is the most basic design consist of a lens to focus the infrared (IR) energy on to a detector. #40,000.00

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer BBLove gets result in one second, up to 300% rapid than common items, can detect the temperature of forehead from a distance of up to 10cm #25,000.00 

Infrared Thermometer X6 Surezen is designed for measuring the body temperature, which is very simple and convenient to use.


How Infrared Thermometers Work

An Infrared thermometer measures both infrared radiation and the emissivity value of a surface. The Infrared thermometer has a lens that focuses the infrared rays and tunnels them through the thermometer to a detector known as a thermopile. Then, hey presto the thermopile converts the incoming Infrared radiation into an electrical signal that is then displayed as units of temperature! While the process sounds (and is) complicated, it all happens in a matter of seconds. 

An important factor when using an Infrared thermometer is the distance-to-spot ratio. This ratio is the size of the area being measured against the distance of the thermometer from the sample. In simple terms, the area being measured becomes larger as the distance increases. Inversely, the area being measured becomes smaller as the distance decreases. Knowing your distance-to-spot ratio is important. It will help you ensure accuracy by helping you avoid taking measurements from outside of the desired area.

How to get the most out of your infrared thermometer in the kitchen

Just because infrared thermometers only measure surface temperature, doesn’t mean they aren’t super handy in the kitchen. The ability to get an instantaneous read on the heat of cooking food, surfaces and the temperature of equipment like grills or pizza ovens is a hugely important part of preparing your food exactly how you want it.

Here are few ways to use your infrared thermometer in the kitchen:

Measure the temperature of cooking oil

Measure temperature of liquids you don’t want to get too hot like milk and melted butter

Checking the temperature of a pizza stone or barbecue grates

Checking the temperature of a hot pan

Top 6 Best Infrared Thermometer in Nigeria Reviews

Infrared Thermometer TP500 CONTEC 

Our Infrared Thermometer TP500 CONTEC can be used in poultry, human body temperature measurement.

Features of Infrared Thermometer TP500 CONTEC

1.Precision measurement:(using imported infrared detection system).

2.Rapid temperature measurement: measurement time ≤ 1 second.

3.Easy to use: a key measurement, easy to operate.

4.Non-contact: measuring human forehead without touching human skin.

5.Service life: install 2 AA batteries, which can be used more than 100,000 times, and the service life of the product is more than 3 million times.

6.Measurement distance: it can be adjusted within 5~15CM without fixed measurement distance.

7.Large screen display: big screen LCD display, white backlight, any light can be clearly displayed.

8.Temperature alarm: set the alarm temperature freely.

9.Storage data: 32 measurement data are stored for analysis and comparison. 

Infrared Thermometer TP500 CONTEC

Non-contact Infrared Thermometer FD-200AT Secure 

This Non-contact Infrared Thermometer FD-200AT Secure measure temperature from a distance. Every form of matter with a temperature above absolute zero (0 K) emits infrared radiation relative to its temperature. This is called characteristic radiation. The emissivity of a material is the relative ability of its surface to emit energy by radiation. By knowing the amount of infrared energy emitted by the object and its emissivity, the object's temperature can be determined most of the time. IR thermometers infer temperature by measuring the amplitude of IR energy being emitted from the surface. 

Non-contact Infrared Thermometer FD-200AT Secure

Infrared Thermometer GM320 Digital 

Infrared Thermometer GM320 Digital measure surface temperatures of objects by sensing the infrared radiation emitted by the object's surface. ... For this reason, many IR thermometers are pre-set at an emissivity of 0.95.

Features of Infrared Thermometer GM320 Digital

1) This thermometer uses a HEIMANN infrared temperature probe, with high precision and stable performance.

2) High measurement temperature (settable), sound prompt function

3) Backlight (LED) display

4) °C/°F selection

5) Emissivity: 0.1~1.00 (adjustable)

6) Laser target pointer

7) Auto power shut off (Battery saving) 

8) Compact size, Proper structure and easy operation. 

Infrared Thermometer GM320 Digital

Infrared Thermometer Smart Sensor AR330+ 

Infrared Thermometer Smart Sensor AR330+ is the most basic design consisting of a lens to focus the infrared (IR) energy on to a detector, which converts the energy to an electrical signal that can be displayed in units of temperature after being compensated for ambient temperature variation. It has laser pointer for accurate target aiming, the measurement range is -32℃~330℃(-26℉~626℉), with AAA x 2 battery operation.

Specifications of Infrared Thermometer Smart Sensor AR330+

Temperature Range: -32℃~330℃(-26℉~626℉)

Accuracy: ±2%or2℃

Distance Spot Ratio: 12:1

Emissivity: 0.95 pre-set

Resolution: 0.1℃or 0.1℉

Wavelength & Response Time: (8-14)um&500ms

Repeatability: ±1%or±1℃

℃/℉Selection √

Data Hold Function √

Laser Target Pointer Selection √

Backlight Display Selection √

Auto Power Off √ 

Smart Sensor AR330+ Infrared Thermometer

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer BBLove 

This Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer BBLove gets result in one second, up to 300% rapid than common items, can detect the temperature of forehead from a distance of up to 10cm (3.9inch). Effectively prevents cross-infection between multiple people and won’t disturb sleeping baby. Sanitary and convenient.

Features of Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer BBLove

High temperature warning

Fahrenheit or Celsius measurements

Powered by two AAA batteries (not included)

60-second automatic shutoff 

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer BBLove

Infrared Thermometer X6 Surezen 

Our Infrared Thermometer X6 Surezen is designed for measuring the body temperature, which is very simple and convenient to use. 1 second accurate temperature measurement, no laser point, avoid potential damage to the eyes, no contact with human skin, avoid cross infection, one key temperature measurement, screening for influenza. Suitable for home users, hotels, libraries, large enterprises and other places.

Features of Infrared Thermometer X6 Surezen

One touch digital infrared thermometer

This product obtains body temperature by measuring the forehead temperature of the human body . It gives accurate body temperature when placed at ear.

It is an essential product for every home, office , factory etc

One touch operation, easy to read temperature on the LCD

Celsius / Fahrenheit both readings available 

Infrared Thermometer X6 Surezen

Coronavirus has grabbed whole nations by storm since last year. Most people were not well equipped for it, and it caused a lot of death. Entire nations have quarantined themselves in order to avoid the spread of the virus. Though people are doing all they can to keep it under control, the virus is still spreading. An infrared thermometer is used in most checkpoints and airports to determine the temperatures of persons. Other people use infrared thermometers at home to ensure the safety of their families. If you are one of them, or if you are thinking of buying one for yourself or your family, here is the right place to buy the best infrared thermometer in Nigeria.

4 Ways To Get Better Measurement With Infrared Thermometer

1. Check the measured diameter of your infrared Thermometer

The diameter of the infrared thermometer may influence the final measurement of the target object, especially if it comes into contact with its surface, or it affects the mere width of the laser beam. Try using as thin a measured diameter as possible to bring the target area under an accurate focus.

2. Get to know how the laser works

Does a lack of knowledge about how to use an infrared Thermometer with laser point affect the final temperature measurement? Well, yes! You should do some basic temperature laser gun training before you get to the real deal. Clean up the Thermometer’s essential parts, starting from the lens. Also, ensure that the area between the lens and the target isn’t dust-infested or foggy. The laser beam may deflect when it goes through such a pathway.

3. Be wary when measuring the temperature of shiny metal objects

Infrared can deliver accurate readings from all surfaces bar for the shiny ones. It would help if you also were careful of glossy edges too. Reflection of infrared rays naturally tampers with the final measurement, thus the need to put paper tapes around the target area of the object or by directly applying original paint.

4. Be wary of the user environment of your Thermometer

When measuring the temperature of an object using an infrared thermometer, you must consider the surrounding environment. Remember, any particles in the air will undoubtedly hamper the desired outcome. What’s more, your device may suffer from any adjacent electromagnetic waves that will deflect the laser rays. For near-perfect measurement, set your target object and infrared Thermometer in a dust-free, enclosed space free from any moisture or smoke. Allow some time for the Thermometer to come to the temperature of its surroundings

How to check the accuracy of infrared Thermometer boils down to how well it’ll adjust to local temperature? It would help if you allowed it sometime (at least 20 minutes) to still be pretty with the live setting. You don’t want its temperature shocked.

Frequently Asked Question About Infrared Thermometer:

1. How Accurate is Infrared Thermometer?

Infrared Thermometers are easy to use and quick to get a reading. In most cases, the forehead temperature is pretty accurate. However, the accuracy of these thermometers can be affected by external factors. Contact thermometers can be affected by moisture on the patient’s forehead as well as the rate of blood circulation while non-contact thermometers can be affected by room temperature. All in all, forehead thermometers are accurate, but oral, ear, rectal and even under-arm thermometers provide more accurate results when measuring a patient’s core body temperature.

2. How do I take a Temperature on My Forehead?

It is a simple process. For contact infrared thermometers, it involves turning them on, placing them on your forehead, waiting to get a temperature reading then recording the reading on the thermometer’s display screen. For Non-contact Infrared Thermometer FD-200AT Secure, the process is pretty much similar but without physical contact. Hover the non-contact thermometer over your forehead. Press a button and use its guidance system to determine the correct distance (usually between one and two-inches away). Once the two red circles converge into one, wait for a few moments for the completion notification. Record the results displayed on the display screen.

3. Do I Need To Clean My Infrared Thermometer?

To be accurate, infrared thermometers must be kept free of dirt, dust, moisture, fog, smoke and debris. Always take the time to clean your infrared thermometer after exposure to dirty, dusty, smoky or humid conditions. You should also plan a regular cleaning about every six months. Particular care should be taken to keep the infrared lens or opening clean and free of debris.

How To Clean Your Infrared Thermometer:

Use a soft cloth or cotton swab with water or medical alcohol (never use soap or chemicals)

Carefully wipe first the lens and then the body of the thermometer

Allow the lens to dry fully before using the thermometer

N/B: Never submerge any part of the infrared thermometer in water.

4. Which thermometer is most accurate for babies?

The best infrared thermometer for a baby is one that rectally measures the baby’s temperature. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics or AAP, it is the most accurate thermometer for babies. It is important to note that babies below the age of three months have sensitive ears, and it’s safer to measure their temperature orally, rectally, forehead or under-arms.

5. How do I calibrate an infrared thermometer?

Calibrating an infrared lasor thermometer is a complex process that often needs to be done by the device’s manufacturer, but you can check if you thermometer is calibrated correctly at home.

The easiest way to check if your infrared thermometer is correctly calibrated by using the “ice bath” method. Just follow the steps below:

Fill a large glass container to the very top with crushed ice.

Then fill the glass with chilled water until the water level sits about 1-centimeter below the top of the crushed ice.

Stir the water and ice mixture and let it sit for around 2 minutes.

If it has a variable emissivity option, set your infrared thermometer to an emissivity setting of 0.95 or 0.97.

Hold your infrared thermometer exactly above and perpendicular to the surface of the ice bath and make sure the ice is well within the laser circle and the thermometer’s minimum distance to target ratio.

If your infrared thermometer is properly calibrated, it should read the temperature of the water as 32.0°F. If this isn’t the case, repeat the test. If it’s still not reading as 32.0°F, contact your device’s manufacturer.

Infrared thermometers are characterized by specifications including accuracy and angular coverage. Simpler instruments may have a measurement error of about ±2 °C or ±4 °F.

The distance-to-spot ratio (D:S) is the ratio of the distance to the measurement surface and the diameter of the temperature measurement area. For instance, if the D:S ratio is 12:1, the diameter of the measurement area is one-twelfth of the distance to the object. A thermometer with a higher ratio of D to S is able to sense a more-specific, narrower surface at a greater distance than one with a lower ratio. A 12:1 rated device can sense a 1-inch circle at a distance of one foot, whereas a 10:1 ratio device achieves the same 1-inch circle at 10 inches, and a wider, less-specific circle of 1.2 inches at a distance of 12 inches.

Infrared thermometers are at present used in a wide range of laboratory and industrial temperature control applications. A few low-temperature examples include extrusion, lamination and drying of plastics, paper and rubber, curing of resins, adhesives and paints, and cold-rolling and forming of metals.

In short, the infrared thermometer can be used in almost any application in the range 0 to 3,600°C where its unique capabilities can turn a seemingly impossible measurement and control problem into a practical working process. Many processes now controlled manually can be converted into continuous, automated systems.

When it comes to selecting the best infrared thermometer in Nigeria, make sure you are getting one that will fit all your needs.

Contact GZ Industrial Supplies today to purchase The Best Infrared Thermometers in Nigeria.  

Aug 24, 2020 Anthony Ubong

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