Agricultural machines have been designed for practically every stage of the agricultural process. They include machines for tilling the soil, planting seeds, irrigation, cultivating crops, protecting them from pests and weeds, harvesting, threshing grain, sorting and packaging the products and livestock feeding. Agricultural machinery can also be used to cultivate and harvest crops

Since ancient times, people have used agricultural tools to grow and harvest crops. They use agricultural tools to keep soil loosened and sharp to harvest the ripened crops. This modification led to the development of small hand tools that are used in small-scale gardening like hoe, rake, and trowel. It also brought about the development of large hand tools, such as grass shears, gardening tool sets, and pruners. Different arrays of equipment were used in both organic and inorganic farming, especially since the advent of mechanized agriculture.


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With every passing decade, there is an invention of machines which brings a new revolution in the agricultural sector; from hand tools, power tools to tractors and countless kinds of farm implements that were towed or operated. The Industrial Revolution led to an advancement in agricultural technology and development of more complicated machines. Traditional methods were replaced by new invented machines such as wheeled machines that cut a continuous swath instead of harvesting grain by hand with a sharp blade, threshing machines separated the seeds from the heads and stalks instead of threshing the grain by beating it with sticks, with the invention of steam power came the steam-powered tractor, a multipurpose, mobile energy source that was the ground-crawling cousin of the steam locomotive. Agricultural steam engines took over the heavy pulling work of horses. They were also equipped with a pulley that could power stationary machines via the use of a long belt. The steam-powered behemoths could provide a tremendous amount of power, because of both their size and their low gear ratios. Then came the next generation of tractors which was powered by gasoline (and later) diesel engines. These engines also contributed to the development of the self-propelled, combined harvester and thresher or combine. Instead of cutting the grain stalks and transporting them to a stationary threshing machine, these combines could cut, thresh, and separate the grain while moving continuously through the field.

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Types of Agricultural Machinery;





5.Fertilizer Spreader

1.Tractor: A tractor is an engineering vehicle specifically designed to deliver a high tractive effort (or torque) at slow speeds, for the purposes of hauling a trailer or machinery such as that used in agriculture or construction. It is commonly described as a farm vehicle that provides the power and traction to mechanize agricultural tasks, especially tillage, but nowadays a great variety of tasks. Agricultural implements may be towed behind or mounted on the tractor, and the tractor may also be a source of power if the implement is mechanized.

Types of Tractor

Utility Tractors

Row Crop Tractors

Orchard Type Tractors

Industrial Tractors

Garden Tractors

Rotary Tillers

Implement Carrier

Earth Moving Tractors

2.Cultivator: The cultivator is the attachment for preparing the soil. It is an attachment that is used to cultivate and level soil as well as blend landscape materials, compost and fertilizer; it will also cover the unwanted stones, soil clods and grass. It transforms rough terrain into a perfect planting bed in one pass.

Types of Cultivator

Depending upon the type of power available for the implement, the cultivator can be classified as either tractor drawn or animal drawn.

The tractor drawn cultivators are further classified as:

Trailed type cultivator.

Mounted type cultivator.

Cultivator with spring loaded tines.

Cultivator with rigid tines.

Duck foot cultivator

3. Sprayer:

Sprayer is a piece of equipment that is used to apply herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers on agricultural crops. Sprayers range in sizes; from man-portable units (typically backpacks with spray guns) to trailed sprayers that are connected to a tractor

4. Mowers

A mower is a machine that cuts (mows) grass or other plants that grow on the ground. Usually, mowing is distinguished from reaping, which uses similar implements, but is the traditional term for harvesting grain crops. Choose from a push-behind mower, a riding mower, a zero-turn mower, a belly-mounted mower or a pull-behind mower for keeping up with the maintenance of your lawn or pastures. If you are making hay, you might want a sickle-bar mower, a drum mower, or a disc mower. For large areas, there are brush mowers, batwing mowers and flail mowers to consider for your collection of farm equipment.

5. Fertilizer Spreader: Fertilizer spreaders function as the name suggests — they spread fertilizer across a field. While there are fertilizer spreaders that can be run separately, most farming operations require a tractor-run fertilizer spreader for quick, evenly distributed fertilization.

6. Seeders:

Seeders, as the name would suggest, are designed to spread seeds across large plots of land quickly and efficiently. While small farms may use small mechanical seeders or even hand-seeding methods, tractor-pulled seeders are most commonly used in large-scale farms today.

Some Brands of Agricultural Machinery we Have are:






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