Where To Buy Brush Cutter in Nigeria

Where To Buy Brush Cutter in Nigeria

Where To Buy Brush Cutter in Nigeria

Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, brush cutters are great for accessing areas that your lawnmower can’t reach. They’re also ideal for tidying around fragile areas of the garden such as around plants, trees or the borders of your lawn. A brush cutter is a heavier weight and more powerful machine, suitable for clearing overgrown grass, weeds, brambles and small hedges.

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  • Introduction
  • Accessories and Attachments for Brush Cutters
  • Where To Buy Brush Cutter in Nigeria
  • Types of Brush Cutter
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Brush Cutters
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brush cutter is an ideal garden tool for anyone who has a lot of grass, brushwood or woody vegetation to clear a couple of times a year. Some more powerful industrial models are even used for small trees that need clearing. You can fit both a reel of line and a variety of blades for a brush cutter head. This gives you a wider range of possible functions for grass, tackling weeds or tougher opposition. The time it takes to clear an area is largely affected by your technique and speed of movement. If the brush saw is sufficiently powerful and equipped with the right tools, it will immediately remove any weeds as you move it over the ground. With the right technique, you will be able to clear the area both quickly and safely.

However, if your brush cutter's performance isn't up to the task, you'll be stuck in the same place for a long time. For example, the blade can get stuck in woody vegetation and be unable to cut it, and weeds may bend rather than being cut. Either the brush cutter will be able to complete its task or it will be completely incapable. So, it is very important that you buy a brush cutter or a clearing saw for sale that's competent enough to cope with the jobs you need completed. Also take note of the parts for brush cutters you’re considering. These extras may help you get the job done.

A brush cutter is like a chainsaw with a long shaft and rotating blades. You put on a harness to which you attach the machine, and you then control it with the bike-style handlebars. Because it's heavier than its sibling - the garden strimmer - and has more motor power, the harness is an important accessory. You need a good harness and an effective anti-vibration system for comfortable ergonomics. It is also important to choose a brush cutter that has a good balance between power and weight. You should be able to use the brush cutter for the whole of the operating time without feeling discomfort. If you know that you have quite dense clumps of brushwood or reeds, you may need more power and also need to assume that the machine will be heavier. However, if you have got less dense tall grass and brush, you can drop down a size and probably also a weight class.

Accessories and Attachments for Brush Cutters

Both blades and lines tend to be included with a brush cutter. But what type of blade is included? There are different types of blade for different purposes:

Grass blade - intended for grass and smaller weeds

Compost blade - intended for tough clumps of grass and brush

Brushwood blade - intended for brushwood

Saw blade/brush cutter blade - intended for woody vegetation

The advantage with blades is that you don't have to worry about the line breaking or the thickness of the brushwood you're clearing. A blade is usually able to cope with both dense brushwood and less dense bushes. The disadvantage is that you don't get the same cutting width. In simpler conditions, it's best to use line as this is more effective. If you have sensitive areas in the garden, line also entails less risk of damage. Because the line can break, it's important that you choose a brush cutter that can cope with a sufficiently thick line for the task you need it for; and that it's easy to top up the brush cutter with a new line. You can buy pre-wound line reels that you simply install, but it's cheap to buy loose line and spool it on yourself. The standard line thickness of a brush cutter is about 2.4-2.7 millimeters.

As the blade on the brush cutter gets blunt, you may need to sharpen it. It can therefore be a good idea to also buy the tools to file it with, that is, a file and a file template.

Where To Buy Brush Cutter in Nigeria

You Can Buy Brush Cutter in Nigeria at:

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Types of Brush Cutter

There are many types of brush cutters available. They have a few basic criteria that change the overall performance of the cutter, some of such aspects are:

Fuel or Electricity: Brush cutters can be of both types; they can be run with either fuel or electricity. So look into your demands and decide on having which one can be more useful in the long run. Electric ones have batteries on them which require charging which might have a toll on your electric bills. While fuel based ones involve the hassle of fueling and refueling as well as the fuel costs.

Types of Engine: Generally, brush cutters run on two types of engine, either a two-stroke or a four-stroke engine. Two-stroke engines are lighter, but somewhat harder to start and a bit more inefficient than a four-stroke engine. Although four-stroke engines are stronger, they are more expensive and not available much. Also, two or four stroke engines have different levels of oil requirements. Four stroke engines require more oil than a two-stroke engine. Also, there are electric engines that run on batteries and need to be charged. Their efficiency might be a bit low considering the fact that they require frequent charging but a good electric brush cutter can be very amazing.

Type of head of the Cutter: A brush cutter head is the most important part of it, and it's absolutely necessary to choose the right cutter depending on what you have on your field and how you want it to be taken care of. Make sure they're at least 2.4mm thick. Due to the fact that anything less than that wouldn't last too long. However, choosing an automatic or semi-automatic one might be more useful for you if you are new to it. You can also opt for bump feed where you stroke the head into the foliage. Although this is more effective, they might damage trees around if not taken care properly.

Steel Blades: Steel blades are necessary, but do take note that they are dangerous. Therefore, don't get yourself too close to a blade, also there are a number of different kinds of blades. That includes 3, 4,8,80 toothed blades for your cutter, all of which are designated for different purposes. From cutting shrubs to big bushes, they all have their roles. So, choose one carefully.

Handles: The handle plays a key role in whether using the brush cutter for a while might leave you with a long-lasting back pain or not. Thus, the best option available is having a brush cutter with a handle of adjustable length. In this way, you can choose your preferred length to ensure maximum comfort. If you cannot get an adjustable one, get one which is in the proper size to ensure your maximum comfort. Also, handles have a loop on then to make handling easier. There’s the D- loop and the U- loop. The D-loop is very comfortable and suggested if you plan on using it for long times. However, make sure your string trimmer has a nylon string attached. They help in reducing the extra vibrations and noise from the brush cutter.

Safety: Safety mechanisms are very crucial. The blade is sharp, fast and dangerous, so unless you think about safety, you're going to get yourself hurt. Make sure the blade is protected with enough covering. Also, make sure the bump feed is covered or you are going to become a muddy mess. It is suggested that you wear proper clothes, helmet, trousers, safety glasses, etc. to prevent any risk.

Attachments: Attachments make your brush cutter more effective and efficient, so choose them wisely. There are many brush cutters that can adapt to any kind of attachment, so look for one of those if you want a personalized experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brush Cutters

What is the difference between Brush Cutters and Grass Trimmers?

The main difference between brush cutters and grass trimmers is that brush cutters generally have straight shafts, and grass trimmers generally have bent shafts.

Straight shafts are designed for more heavy-duty performance, and also provide the possible attachment of a blade for cutting large areas of grass perfect for maintaining sections of your lawn that are inaccessible by mower.

There are several other differences that are specific to the models in each range (such as the weight, the blade, the engine, the handle, and so forth), but to put it simply: grass trimmers are ideal for homeowners, while Brush Cutters are better suited to landowners and professional landscapers.

How Can I Operate A Brush Cutter?

Brush cutters are known for their ability to cut weeds and overgrown grass, but they can do much more. With optional interchangeable cutting heads. Switch off the engine completely and allow it to cool before refueling, check the working environment for any hazards, keep a safe distance from other people (50 feet or more), also ensure attachments are mounted correctly and securely, then adjust the harness and handle(s) to suit your height.


Brush cutter is an amazing tool. It can convert your hours of effort into just a few minutes if you handle it right. They are very efficient, versatile and look super cool when in use. Brush cutters require lifting and depending on the job, this could take quite some time. Be sure to choose a weight that you can comfortably manage for the duration.

Remember to use suitable safety equipment when using your brush cutter. Safety goggles, gloves, safety shoes and hearing protection are recommended.

If you own a larger property and simply require a more powerful machine, our efficient and ergonomic brush cutters may be what you need. Contact GZ Industrial Supplies if you have any questions about how to use brush cutters.  

Mar 03, 2021 Anthony Ubong

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