Where to Buy Cordless Impact Wrench in Nigeria

Where to Buy Cordless Impact Wrench in Nigeria


Impact wrenches are socket wrench power tools found in mechanics tool boxes anywhere. Predominantly as tools for disassembling bolts mechanically, they are specifically designed for tightening and loosening various hex head bolts, nuts, and lags screws from cars and trucks and sometimes used in high torque situations.

Not to be mistaken for an impact driver with ¼ inch hex opening and cordless drills/drivers which are basically good at driving screws and drilling holes, a standard automotive impact wrench has capacity for ½ inch sockets of different sizes as well as those that can fit a wheel lug. It exerts both impact force which is a short burst concussive blow and torque which is a rotational force in order to give out an exceptional load of power. Cordless impact wrenches can effortlessly employ torque outputs of over 250 foot-pounds, this can power-drive the fattest loose rusty and corroded nuts, compared to the average impact driver that gives out about 125 foot pounds of torque and some cordless drivers/drills which produces only 50 foot pounds of torque.


Based on the type of power it uses to produce its torque, Impact wrenches are basically divided into two main categories, These are;

  • Air (Pneumatic) powered wrenches and
  • Electric powered wrenches. The electrical powered impact wrenches is further divided into Corded and Cordless impact wrenches

The air powered impact wrenches also known as pneumatic impact wrenches were actually the first to be designed, they are the best choice in professional shops because they produce the most torque than others. They are typically powered by compressed air with the use of an air compressor which supplies the compressed air that then produces the power.

They come in different drive sizes which primarily describes the amount of force the tool can exert. The various drive sizes includes; 0.25 inch, 0.375 inch, 0.50 inch, 0.75 inch and 1 inch. However, The higher the drive size of an impact wrench, the higher the amount of torque it produces, ½ inch impacts produce north of 1,100 foot-pounds of torque and a 1 inch drive size can produce torque of 3000 feet/lbs. Pneumatic impact wrenches can be used constantly, and also in situations with no power supply, all that is required is compressed air, which is quite easy to find. They are perfect to use in restricted and tight areas, this is because they are actually smaller than other types of impact wrenches, these are some of the advantages it has over other wrenches.

The disadvantage it poses is difficulty in adjusting the power because they lack the mechanism for power adjustment. In situations where there is power needed, it causes difficulty in usage. If a small amount of torque is required, it can give out too much power which can shatter, break and destroy bolts but to make use of that full air powered force, a big compressor of about 5 to 7.5HP will be needed to run it. Air impact wrench are very persistent because they do not slow down when the battery runs out of juice.

Electric Impact Wrench

  • Corded electric impact wrench, uses direct electric power, in which one just has to plug it in and turn on the socket and extension and it's ready for use. This type of impact wrench does not have the bolts and nuts breaking torque as seen in an air impact wrench, this can be one amongst the rest that will allow you to fly through those difficult jobs that proves challenging.
  • Cordless impact wrenches also known as battery powered impact are commonly seen because they are quite portable and easily carried around. They are particularly popular with racers because most race car trailers aren’t designed to carry a two staged high horse-power compressor. The generators are basically used to monitor the battery chargers for the electric tools. The battery is what powers any cordless tool, so therefore, choosing the right battery technology that the tool needs is very necessary as the torque output of the tool is quite important.

Note: The capacity of a battery used in a power tool depends on the amount of amperage hours (Ah) it can deliver and rechargeable batteries when kept and not used for a long time can slowly lose their charge, but some batteries lose theirs faster than others.


A normal lug wrench is able to remove an automotive tyre, but when talking about speed, convenience, less stress an impact wrench is advisable. Impact wrenches immense torque is gotten from a hammering mechanism in the tool which produces strong concussive blows very quickly. When loosening a lug nut the socket attached to the impact wrench moves slowly as the lug nut is loosened and then quickly when it is loose. It is easy to over torque an impact wrench when tightening lug nuts which can stretch or even strip the thread, so one has to be very careful.

A successive series of hammer blows is given off by the impact wrench to an impact-rated” hex socket and through that passes to a bolt or nut head, which takes advantage of steel’s ability to withstand shock loads. If the tool can’t be controlled, all the strength given won't be quite useful. However, the concussive blows transfers most of the high energy torque directly to the fastener and not to the arm, hand or wrist, which eliminates the twisting movement called reactionary torque that is always experienced when using a normal electric drill.

Impact wrench are used to produce bolted joints in structural steel erection and also used in industry that carries out heavy construction, they are mostly seen in auto shops and mechanical areas where they can be used to remove bolts and nuts


GZ Industrial Supplies has stocks of impact wrench of any brand at great quality for your easy job operations.

You can buy cordless impact wrench in Nigeria at our various offices below:

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Please note that most of our products are shipped from our warehouses in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Calabar.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cordless Impact Wrench

What is the difference between an impact wrench and an impact driver?

  • Impact drivers are used to drill long screws into wood or metal, whereas impact wrenches are used to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts.
  • Impact drivers are mostly used for DIYs and renovations in homes and small areas, whereas impact wrenches are more used for car reparations, auto repairs, assembly lines, heavy equipment maintenance
  • Impact drivers have a ¼” hex collet, whereas impact wrenches have a ½” square drive.
  • Impact drivers are simple and easy to use, whereas impact wrenches are more powerful and heavier, and require a little technical know-how.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cordless and Corded Impact Wrench?

Impact wrenches come in two basic forms, cordless which is the battery-electric version and corded which is the direct power electric version.

Their advantages and disadvantages are seen based on the following:

  • Power Supply

Every power tool in the market uses a Lithium or li-ion battery pack, in cordless impact wrench these batteries comes with a long life span that does not allow it to slow down during use and when not in use, the batteries are lightweight which reduces tiredness when in use and are interchangeable, which can be easily replaced to keep up with the job at hand. However, the battery power rating has some effect on the performance time and effectiveness, this is one of its limitations.

Corded wrenches get continuous power all the time because they are connected to a direct plug socket and do not run out of batteries because they are always in full charge, unless there is no direct power source. They always work with more power and torque compared and their performance is on the high side unlike cordless wrench which might run down, this makes it better in terms of battery life.

  • Portability

Depending on the length, corded impact wrench has a limited specific work radius, which cannot be moved past that particular distance and cords can easily get hassled, tangled ,disconnected and one can trip on wires and many other errors can be experienced.

Cordless impact wrench allows for freedom and gives a wide range of flexibility and portability. You can move around without the fear of pulling or tripping hazards of wires. They can be used to work outside, also suitable for tight corners and are limited to certain radius.

  • Storage

Cordless impact wrenches take up less space because they are smaller, which makes them easy to store in cabinets, shelves, drawers or in your tool bag, and it’s easier to carry a cordless impact wrench to perform work on-site. Battery packs in cordless wrench can be detached for better transport and storage,and most cordless impact wrenches come with their own carrying cases to be stored properly.

The corded wrench accumulates more space than the cordless wrench. Owners need to be creative on how to store corded wrench to avoid damaging it, one sensible method is to tie up the cord when you are storing your wrench. If your corded impact wrench comes with a detachable wire, it can be coiled up and kept safely inside the tool box.

  • Performance

Both types of impact wrench can do their jobs well at loosening and tightening bolts and nuts. In terms of effectiveness and power, since cordless impact wrench runs on Lithium and Li-ion batteries they are limited and provide less, do not utilize its full power and require more time to give its result. On the other hand, corded impact wrenches work with direct and constant power, this gives them greater torque and power. This torque helps make one work, strongly, efficiently and with precision.

How Long Does a Cordless Impact Wrench Battery Last?

Certain external factors contribute to the lifespan of a battery pack on the shelf, and to get a long lasting battery life these factors must be fully put into consideration.

These are:

  • How is the battery stored?
  • The nature and state of the battery when stored.
  • The temperature at which the battery is stored.
  • Who are the manufacturers and how effective is the manufacturing technology?

However, when a battery capacity drops to a certain charge capacity based on usage or how it's being handled, the battery will cease charging. This indicates the end of its usable life. It is possible to ‘’revive’’ a dead battery but this will depend on the external factors mentioned as well as the producers of the batteries. With all this being said, if your battery is properly taken care of it is most likely to last between 3-6 years of shelf life.

Note: Tool batteries should be kept away from heat, as extreme temperature is the greatest problem in the lifespan of batteries.


Unlike regular handheld drills and drivers, the impact wrench is widely recommended by professional repair men because it provides higher torque, and is mostly preferred when working with tight bolts and nuts. The powerful rotational velocity of the motor gives it more advantage over other kinds of wrenches. A high-quality cordless impact wrench saves time, effort and it improves total productivity.

You can purchase different brands of cordless impact wrenches as well as other kinds of power tools by visiting us at gz- supplies.com. We offer the best quality tools to get your job done effectively.

Oct 21, 2021 Jennifer Eyo

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