Where to Buy Pressure Washers in Nigeria

Where to Buy Pressure Washers in Nigeria

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Types of Pressure Washer

Where to buy pressure washer

What to consider when buying a pressure washer

Frequently Asked Questions About Pressure Washer


What is a pressure washer?

Pressure washer is a mechanical equipment with a steel hose pipe carrying a nozzle that alter the direction of flow and velocity using high-pressure cold water connected from a source into a machine to blast away unwanted material from surfaces of an object such as building walls, vehicles, concrete surfaces and metal surfaces which could be in liquid or solid form.

Of course, pressure washers are quite different from power washing machines, they come in different designs and different performance but have similar pressure to remove dirt from hard surfaces. They are all referred to as pressure washers. Knowing these differences will help you determine the exact washer needed for a particular job description, be it domestic or commercial.

Power washers

These are highly powered cleaning machines that use hot water to blast surfaces clean from tough dirt on cars, dust, loose-paints and chewing gum from rough surfaces, and are also great for removing grease and stubborn stains from decking  or walkways with minimal effort. It is often much more effective than hand brushes and gets the job done faster. The key element that differentiates these two cleaning machines. Let's take a closer look at types of pressure washers and how they work!

Types of pressure washer

The concept of choosing a pressure washer without professional guidance can cost you a whole lot of mistakes, it is important to know some of the different options available in order to establish the best choice for you. At GZ Industrial supplies we provide you with a variety of outdoor power equipment which include all kinds of pressure washers each with a different capability and benefit. Pressure washers are categorized into different sections.

Hot water pressure washer

There are different reasons why commercial users like to make use of hot water pressure washers. It is designed to be most effective in removing things that are caked such as mold, tough chemicals, grease, sticky oil spill and useful for killing germs and bacteria, the hot-water pressure washer has a temperature of up to 311 degrees Fahrenheit. You can clean things much more easily when you have access to water that is this hot even without much detergent. Drying times are also significantly faster when hot water pressure washer is used. Its hotness makes it evaporate more quickly and you won’t have to wait around for things to dry very long.

Cold water pressure washer

The cold-water pressure washers are mostly used by homeowners and small business owners for general purposes because of its temperature not exceeding 140 degree fahrenheit, so they are much safer to use on any surface of an object. This is due to the fact that they are more affordable to produce and easier to use overall. When you purchase one of these cold water pressure washers, you can expect that it will work perfectly for washing any form of object both for industrial and domestic use .

Electric power pressure washers

An electric power washer requires a very high standard voltage from the supply source, so before using this ingco electric power washer which has a medium-duty of 2,300 PSI, 1.2GPM and a built-in detergent tank for powerful and routine cleaning, you must make sure your electrical system can manage the extra pull as most of these units run on 120-volt power supply. They are designed for cleaning surfaces that can be easily damaged and can be a great choice for cleaning painted surfaces. You can only get the best quality of these products by reaching us. These washers also make use of cold water.

Compact pressure power washer

This portable power washer is a more affordable option compared to most pressure washers and is lightweight of about 16 pounds. The handle at the top of the machine makes it a portable option for using inside a car or a boat. It is mostly used by small laundry services, making cleaning up to 50 percent faster and easier to use.

Gas pressure washer

The gas pressure power washer is a powerful and durable option for professional use, with a steel frame and 4,400 PSI. It includes a flexible 50-foot-long hose and a 31-inch spray wand for tackling hard-to-reach places, Gas-power pressure washers are heavy duty pressure washers than others, a powerful pressure washers like the gas pressure washer are not tethered to a cord of any kind which makes it easy and convenient to carry around than having to run an extension cord out to part of your property that might not have an electric outlet. Do you wish to purchase a gas-powered pressure washer? If you have a big job that needs to get done in an effective way, then you have an easier way to speak with an expert for a gas-powered unit.

Where to buy pressure washer

Find the right type of pressure washer to keep your exterior walls, walkway,shed, driveway, vehicle or any other surface free from dirt and grime.Whichever type of cleaning method you decide to do, keep in mind that it’s always best to hire a professional to take care of it for you. With gz-industrial supplies Nigeria limited is the best place you can trust for all industrial tools, heavy duty equipment, power tools and appliances.

GZ Industrial Supplies has a plethora of quality home appliances as well as after-sales capacity. You can buy the best home and office appliances from the offices below:

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GZ Industrial Supplies Lekki

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GZ Industrial Supplies Apapa

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What to consider when buying a pressure washer

Below are tips recommended by expert when shopping for pressure washer

  • Heavy duty: this machine has above a (PSI ) 2,800 which determines its strength.
  • Light duty: pressure washer of this range has a (PSI) of 1,300 to 1,900 supply strength.
  • Medium duty : these pressure washers are basically between 2000 to 2800 (PSI).

Pound per square inch (PSI): This is the unit pressure used to determine the water pressure and a water stream ability to strip away tons of water, this depends on the type of pressure washer you purchase.The higher the pressure water’s PSI the more powerful the water pressure will be.

  • The Nozzle: this comes in different sizes and the smaller the nozzle the higher the power pressure and spread you will get. Make sure you avoid a zero degree nozzle as it will cause damage and injury.
  • Detergent tanks: Pressure washers can feature an on-board detergent tank, which holds a cleaning solution that’s pressurized with the water and released through the spray gun with the touch of a switch.
  • Gallons per minute(GPM): This simply means the water flow from the machine’s unit to the nozzle which has to do with the rinsing power that washes dirt away. The higher the GPM, the faster the pressure washer will rinse away rubbish from the surface.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1.What detergent is best for a pressure washer?


A liquid type of detergent is best for a pressure washer, to avoid blocking the nozzle mouth.

2 .Which oil is good for my pressure washer?


Go through your manual for recommendation of oil to be use for your engine

3. How far from the surface I'm cleaning should I hold the nozzle ?


About 3 to 5 from the surface of the object is the best way to stay when cleaning.

4. Do pressure washers need to be connected to a tap?


You will need to connect your pressure washer to a water source.

Now that you have a basic idea of what type of pressure washer you need for your commercial or domestic use in Nigeria contact gz-industrial supply they offer hot and cold pressure washers and deliver all kinds of industrial tools and equipment giving you work a perfect touch. Get in touch with our team today, or send an email info@gz-ind.com call +2348181069339, +2349055793557, +2349055793558,+2349055793556


Power washers are great tools considering the fact that cleaning is needed both in our domestic and industrial environment. Cleaning anywhere around our home or properties depending on the type of work and care you take with the job, be sure that you get the best type of washer needed for the job and what it can do before using it and as well enjoy the many benefits of using a power washer. For any larger jobs, like a large commercial space or an extra big driveway and patio space, go for a powerful power washer. They help make the job go faster and easier. It is advisable to get professional guidance before using a pressure washer for any job.

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