Where To Buy Home Appliances in Nigeria

Where To Buy Home Appliances in Nigeria

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What are Home Appliances

Where to Buy Home Appliances in Nigeria

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Appliances



Home appliances have become the “tools” we need in our homes to enhance our comfort; be it kitchen appliances, electronic appliances and even furniture. Today, twenty-first-century human beings use more sophisticated tools and home appliances for his/her daily life. The more we try to make our life convenient and comfortable, the more significant the role of appliances turns out to be in determining the lifestyle of a man.

What are Home Appliances ?

Home appliances are electrical/mechanical appliances which accomplish some household functions, such as cooking or cleaning. Invents in technology have made household appliances user-friendly. Household appliances are the important appliances which are used in our household for the various day to day functions like cooking, cleaning, exercising, purifying, food preservation etc. The majority of household domestic appliances are the large machines usually used in the bedrooms, bathrooms, halls and in the kitchen. The appliances which are used in a kitchen accomplish some routine housekeeping tasks such as cooking, food preservation, and cleaning. The household appliances have a major role in the stylish appearance of any home décor.

Where to Buy Home Appliances in Nigeria

GZ Industrial Supplies has a plethora of quality home appliances as well as after-sales capacity.

You can buy the best home and office appliances from the offices below:

GZ Industrial Supplies Ikeja

18 Adesina Street, Off Obafemi Awolowo Way,

Ikeja, Lagos.

Tel. +234 8181069339, +234 7031515985, +234 8060907072

WhatsApp: +234 8181069339

GZ Industrial Supplies Lekki

Suite 10, Olive Plaza by Osapa London Bus Stop,

Lekki, Lagos

Tel. +234 8181069339, +234 8053390169 +234 8060907072

GZ Industrial Supplies Apapa

10 Apapa Oshodi Expressway, Coconut Bus stop Opposite Total Jetty,

Apapa, Lagos

Tel. +234 8181069339, +234 7031515985, +234 8060907072

GZ Industrial Supplies Port Harcourt

238 Aba Road, Onyejieke’s Plaza beside Fidelity Bank,

Rumuogba, Port Harcourt.

Tel. +234 8181069339, +234 8053390169 +234 8060907072

GZ Industrial Supplies Calabar

30/32 Ndidem Usang Iso Road,

Marian, Calabar.

Tel. +234 8181069339, +234 8053390169 +234 8060907072

GZ Industrial Supplies Ogba

79 Yaya Abatan, by College Road

Ogba, Lagos

Tel. +234 8181069339, +234 8053390169 +234 8060907072

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Appliances

What Are The Basic Home Appliances?

Every home needs the best of all the appliances for a high level of comfort but there are basic appliances that are essential in the home. Here is a short list:

  1. Refrigerator / Freezers:

A refrigerator or freezer is a necessary appliance. If you don’t own a refrigerator, then you have to shop daily, else you incur waste of resources from perishable food items.

  1. Microwave:

The microwave unit will help you heat up a specific amount of food at once in a short period of time. There are also very compact microwaves that are perfect for those who are living in smaller environments such as apartments.

  1. Washing Machine:

Washing machines have become very prevalent in homes these days . They were considered luxury many decades ago, but now people’s busy schedules have made owning a washing machine a necessity. People who live in houses will generally want to own a nice washing machine that can handle a heavy workload.

  1. Coffee Maker:

Coffee makers help for fresh coffee and users make only the amount they can actually drink. You also get your cup faster in the morning instead of waiting for a full pot.

  1. Blender:

A blender is another home appliance that isn’t a necessity, but it is still incredibly common. Many people own blenders and wind up making use of them every single day. A good blender can really come in handy in the kitchen for food processing. It can be useful when you are making certain meals, and it can also allow you to make healthy treats such as smoothies.

  1. Pressing Iron:

The pressing iron is highly needed to give finishing touches of cloth straightening to home-made laundry.

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