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Pulse Oximeter CMS50D1 Contec

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Contec CMS50D1
Contec CMS50D1
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Pulse Oximeter CMS50D1 Contec 

GZ Industrial Supplies is the supplier of Contec brand of medical equipment in Nigeria. The Pulse Oximeter CMS50D1 Contec photoelectric oxyhemoglobin inspection Technology is adopted in accordance with Capacity Pulse Scanning & Recording Technology in producing this fine piece. The Pulse Oximeter CMS50D1 Contec can be used in measuring the pulse oxygen saturation and pulse rate. A low oxygen level in your blood could lead to low oxygen in your tissues and ultimately, organ failure.

The Pulse Oximeter CMS50D1 Contec is useful because blood oxygen saturation levels that start trending downward could be a sign that your lungs are faltering and that you need to call your doctor. This pulse oximeter is suitable for being used in family, hospital, community healthcare, and sports settings. Fingertip-measurement style.

Features Of Pulse Oximeter CMS50D1 Contec 

  • Operation is simple and convenient.
  • Small, light and convenient to carry.
  • Very low power consumption - can be operated continuously for 20 hours.
  • Enter standby mode when not in use after 5 seconds.
  • Display direction changes automatically for easy viewing at all times.
  • Spot checking Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) in blood.
  • Pulse rate and intensity.

Specification of Pulse Oximeter CMS50D1 Contec 

  • Display Format: LCD Display
  • SpO2 Measuring Range: 0% ~ 100%
  • Pulse Rate Measuring Range: 30 bpm ~ 250 bpm;
  • Pulse Wave Display: column and the waveform display.
  • Power Requirements:  2×1.5 V AAA alkaline battery (or using the rechargeable battery instead), adaptable range: 2.6 V~3.6 V.
  • Power Consumption:  Smaller than 30 mA.
  • Resolution:  1% for SpO2 and 1 bpm for Pulse Rate.
  • Measurement Accuracy:  ±2% in stage of 70% ~ 100% SpO2, and meaningless when stage being smaller than 70%. ±2 bpm during the pulse rate range of 30 bpm ~ 99 bpm and ±2% during the pulse rate range of 100 bpm ~ 250 bpm .
  • Measurement Performance in Weak Filling Condition: SpO2 and pulse rate can be shown correctly when pulse-filling ratio is 0.4%. SpO2 error is ±4%, pulse rate error is ±2 bpm during the pulse rate range of 30 bpm ~ 99 bpm and ±2% during the pulse rate range of 100 bpm ~ 250 bpm .
  • Resistance to surrounding light: The deviation between the value measured in the condition of man-made light or indoor natural light and that of darkroom is less than ±1%.
  • Equipped with a function switch:  Will enter standby mode when no signal is in the product within 5 seconds.
  • Optical Sensor:   Red light (wavelength is 660 nm, 6.65 mW), Infrared (wavelength is 880 nm, 6.75 mW)


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2 Reviews

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    Posted by Kamsi on Apr 25, 2024

    As a nurse, I've used many pulse oximeters in clinical settings, but this finger pulse oximeter stands out for its reliability and ease of use. The display is clear and easy to read, even in low-light conditions, and the readings are quick and accurate. It's become an essential tool in my home health kit, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to colleagues or patients

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    Pulse Oximeter CMS50D1 Contec

    Posted by Queeneth on Jun 13, 2023

    Nice product. Checks both pulse and oxygen saturation of the blood. Highly recommended.

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