Pulse Oximeter CMS70A Contec

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Contec CMS70A
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Pulse Oximeter CMS70A Contec

Pulse Oximeter CMS70A  Contec 

GZ Industrial Supplies is the supplier of Contec brand of medical equipment in Nigeria.The Pulse Oximeter CMS70A Contec is a professional device used in measuring pulse oxygen saturation and pulse rate through the finger and made to standard by photoelectric oxyhaemoglobin inspection technology in accordance with capacity pulse scanning and recording technology.

Features of Pulse Oximeter CMS70A  Contec 

  • Easy to operate,
  • low power consumption,
  • pulse bar and pulse graph display, 
  • Spo2 value display,
  • low voltage indicator and real time data can be transmitted to the computer for analysis.
  • The product is suitable for being used in family, hospital, oxygen bar, community healthcare, physical care in sports (It can be used before or after doing sports, and it is not recommended to use the device during the process of having sport) and etc.

Specification of Pulse Oximeter CMS70A Contec 

  • Display Mode TFT Screen and LED display

  • Screen Resolution320*240

  • SpO2 Measuring Range0%°100%, (the resolution is 1%).

  • Accuracy 70%°100% 2% ,Below 70% unspecified.

  • PR Measuring Range 30bpm°250bpm, (the resolution is 1bpm)

  • Accuracy 2bpm or 2% (select larger)

  • Power Consumption About 200mA

  • Voltage:DC 3.6 ~ 4.2V

  • Power Supply: Built-in recharge Li-Polymer

  • Battery working hour: 9 hours

  • Safety Type: Interior Battery BF Type

  • Weight: 0.9Kg

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