Epochem 502 Citrus Degreaser

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Epochem 502 Citrus Degreaser

Epochem 502 Citrus Degreaser 

GZ Industrial Supplies is the supplier of Epochem cleaning and maintenance chemicals in Nigeria. Our Epochem Citrus degreaser is a versatile, non-chlorinated, non-conductive and non-corrosive degreaser, fortified with a strong natural citrus(lemon) extract. Our Citrus degreaser has great ability to cut through grease, remove heavy deposits of wax, dust, oil, tar, ink, carbon dust from metal, most plastic and  nylon surfaces. Epochem citrus degreaser attacks industrial soils to help maximize operating performance.

It is a highly effective all-purpose cleaning formula for the toughest industrial and domestic cleaning jobs, Epochem citrus degreaser quickly dissolves organic soils, including all forms of grease, fatty oils and heavy Oily dirt in a variety of applications, it is formulated for wipe down, immersion cleaning or spraying, it can also be used as cold or hot water pressure wash in conjunction with steam cleaning. it will easily remove tar and carbon, fish and vegetable oil, food products, engine oil and crude oil, bunker oil, diesel and petrol residues.


Epochem Citrus degreaser can be used in;

  • Diesel and petrol engines and engine rooms
  • Industrial warehouses, decks, platforms
  • Degas tanks, barge compartments and petroleum based drilling muds
  • compressor and Gas engine exteriors
  • Grease traps and machine parts
  • Tools and work benches

Directions for use:

Epochem 502 Citrus degreaser and industrial may be used as supplied or diluted with up to 20 parts of water or even more for high effectiveness as desired, apply to parts to be degreased, allow for penetration and wait for 10 minutes and wash off with water.

apply with brush, swab or spray, parts may be pressure washed off with pressure washer or steam cleaner.

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