Fuchs Marine Renolin 504 VDL 100

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Fuchs Marine Renolin 504 VDL 100

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor and supplier of FUCHS LUBRICANTS in Nigeria.Fuchs Marine Renolin 504 VDL 100 oils can be used in air compressors and can also be used in compressors working with hydrocarbon gas e.g. natural gas (different composition), propane, propen and process gas.Fuchs Marine Renolin 504 VDL 100 is formulated on the basis of especially highly refined base oils; the additives selected makes it possible reliable to use at high thermal stress without the formation of damaging residue. Intensified laboratory tests and many years of experience with use confirm the extraordinary oxidation stability of these special compressor oils.


• Excellent oxidation and thermal stability
• Good demulsifying capacity
• Low coking
• Minimal foaming
• Good air release capacity
• Protects against wear and corrosion
• Very low evaporation tendency
• Final compression temperatures up to 220 °C


The products of the Fuchs Marine Renolin 504 VDL 100  meet and in many cases exceed the requirements:

• DIN 51506: VDL

• VDL according to TÜV Certificates 


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