Fuch Renolin Eterna VDL 68

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Fuch Renolin Eterna VDL 68

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor and supplier of FUCHS LUBRICANTS in Nigeria.Fuch Renolin Eterna VDL 68 is based on the very latest lubricant technology, containing premium, hydrogenated base oils. The outstanding properties of these base oils are further improved by the inclusion of carefully-selected additives. RENOLIN ETERNA products are free of organometallic compounds and are therefore zinc- and ash-free. Fuch Renolin Eterna VDL 68 offers excellent corrosion protection. turbine oils of the latest generation for lubrication of gas and steam turbines and turbo compressors (also with gear boxes, FZG ≥ 10). Based on high-quality, hydrocracked base oils. High ageing resistance, excellent protection against sludge formation.

Benefits and Specification of Fuch Renolin Eterna VDL 68

  •  Outstanding thermal oxidation stability. RENOLIN ETERNA achieves excellent life of >10,000 hours in TOST test according to ISO 4263 (see Figure 1) as well as RPVOT test >1,000 minutes according to ASTMD-2272 (see Figure 2).
  • Good viscosity-temperature behaviour. RENOLIN ETERNA oils have high, shear-stable, natural Viscosity Index (VI >130).
  •  Rapid air release: Air release <4 minutes.
  •  Approved by important OEM‘s (e. g. SIEMENS, MAN Turbo, ALSTOM).
  •  Low foaming: Seq. I at +24.5°C = 30/0.
  •  Low pourpoint: -15°C.
  •  Good wear protection: FZG A/8, 3/90, damage load stage >10.
  •  Excellent water release after steam treatment: <50 seconds.
  •  Low sludging and deposit-forming tendency.
  • Prevention of „Varnish“ due to excellent ageing stability.


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