Fuchs Renolin SE 100

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Fuchs Renolin SE 100

Fuchs Renolin SE 100 is a synthetic air compressor lubricant based on advanced synthetic ester technology, containing a synergistic blend of antiwear, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidant additives to enhance performance. It is suitable for use in reciprocating and vane compressors, depending on the viscosity requirements of the compressor. The fluid is miscible with mineral oils, although residual mineral oil in the system will degrade the performance of the Fuchs Renolin SE 100 fluid. A complete oil change is recommended.


• Synthetic ester base

• Proven lubrication performance in reciprocating and vane compressors

• Low coefficient of friction

• Reduced power consumption, potentially reducing energy costs

• Highly resistant to oxidation

• Reduces carbon deposits (e.g. in valves and filters)

• Reduced maintenance and down-time costs

• Extended oil drain intervals

• Extended oil lifetime

• Suitable for extreme working conditions


Fuchs Renolin SE 100 exceeds the requirements according to:

• DIN 51506 – VDL 100

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