Fuchs marine Renolin unisyn ol 46

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Fuchs marine Renolin unisyn ol 46

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor and supplier of FUCHS LUBRICANTS in Nigeria.Fuchs marine Renolin unisyn ol 46 is a fully-synthetic cooling oils for piston and screw compressors based on poly alpha olefins with excellent oxidation stability, outstanding wear protection, good demulsification and excellent viscosity-temperature behavior. High viscosity index. Excellent air release. Allow service intervals to be extended. Lubricating oils VDL according to DIN 51506 and synthetic hydraulic oils according to DIN 51524-2/3.


• Excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour (high natural viscosity index), shear-stable

• Excellent oxidation stability

• Low evaporation losses

• Excellent wear protection (EP/AW!)

• Excellent FE8 performance

• Good demulsifying properties

• Excellent corrosion protection

• Good compatibility with elastomers

• Low foaming / good air release

• Suitable for high-temperature applications

• Synthetic hydraulic fluids, excellent deep temperature flowability

• Exceed DIN 51506 - VDL


Density @ 15 °C                843 kg/m³

Flash point          260 °C

Kinematic viscosity @ 40 °C          46 mm²/s

Kinematic viscosity @ 100 °C       7.9 mm²/s

Viscosity Index               146

Pour point           <-60 °C

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