Fuchs Marine Renolit Unisyn CLP 220

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Fuchs Marine Renolit Unisyn CLP 220

Fuchs Marine Renolit Unisyn CLP 220

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor and supplier of FUCHS LUBRICANTS in Nigeria.These synthetic polyalphaolefin-based gear oils are characterized by a high natural, shear-stable viscosity index.Fuchs Marine Renolit Unisyn CLP 220 provides effective lubrication at both high and low application temperatures (multi-grade lubricants). Their compatibility with paints and elastomers is comparable with that of mineral oils. Compared to mineral oils, the service life of these oils is two to three times longer.Fuchs Marine Renolit Unisyn CLP 220 displays exceptional wear-protection characteristics,as a result of their extremely low pour point, these oils display outstanding cold flow properties. 


Fuchs Marine Renolit Unisyn CLP 22O is used for all applications in industry where a synthetic oil of the CLP type according to DIN 51517-3 is recommended by the manufacturer. Highly-stressed bearings, joints, pressure screws, spur gears, worm gears and planetary gears can be reliably, safely and economically supplied even at short-term peak temperatures up to 150 °C.


• Low foaming                                                             

• Good air release capacity

• Very good aging resistance                                         

• Excellent corrosion protection

• Excellent viscosity-temperature behavior                     

• High natural VI (viscosity index)

• Multigrade character                                                   

• Excellent wear protection, high EP performance

• Miscible with mineral oil- and ester-based gear oils         

• Lifetime lubrication possible

• For high and low operating temperatures.


ISO VG                                                         220

Kinematic viscosity mm2/s@40oC                   220

                                        @100OC              26.7

Viscosity Index                                             155

Density kg/m3 @15oC                                   854

Flash Point oC                                              260

Pour point oC                                              -42

Neutralization number mgKOH/g                   0.6


The products meet and in many cases exceed the requirements according to:

- DIN 51517-3: CLP

- ISO 6743-6 and ISO 12925-1: CKC / CKD / CKE

- AGMA 9005/E02: EP

- AIST 224 - David Brown S1 53.101

- FAG requirements: FAG-FE8-Test: stage 1-4 pass (test report is available for ISO VG 320)

- SKF requirements: pass (100 °C-test)

The RENOLIN UNISYN CLP series are approved for example by Siemens-Flender AG, Bocholt.