MigCraft Hydraulic Bearing Puller 3-Jaw

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MigCraft Hydraulic Bearing Puller 3-Jaw

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor of MigCraft Industrial and Torquing Tools in Nigeria. This MigCraft Hydraulic Bearing Puller 3-Jaw is easy to operate and extremely labor-saving. Its three claws can be dismantled and transformed according to the needs of on-site work, making it very flexible in use. Additionally, it's light in weight and small in size, which makes it easy to carry - making it an ideal tool for factories, ships, and repairs.

Our MigCraft Hydraulic Bearing Puller 3-Jaw can rotate freely and quickly touch the center point of the pulled workpiece according to the distance between the puller and the center point of the piston. It also has the option to be equipped with a pump. The hook seat can be directly adjusted forward and backward with the thread.  

Features of MigCraft Hydraulic Bearing Puller 3-Jaw

  • HAC-series automatic vehicle-mounted hydraulic puller adopts automatic hydraulic design, automatic hydraulic lifting, automatic clamping tooling and automatic pulling.
  • The pulling wheel is designed with three-claw structure. The pull arm/claw is made of ultra-high strength alloy steel. Design of double-acting hydraulic cylinders.
  • The hydraulic pump station has built-in safety valve, and the maximum working pressure is 70MPa.
  • Easy to move the wheeled trolley.
  • The extension head can be configured to increase the length of the piston.

Technical Specifications of MigCraft Hydraulic Bearing Puller 3-Jaw

Model Puller Capacity T (Ton) Cylinder Stroke (mm) Length L(mm) Width (mm) Adjustable Height of Puller Center H(mm) Minimum Opening length mm Minimum  depth of pullering mm Maximum Opening length mm Maximum depth of pullering mm Power Source
HAC 50 50 337 2170 824 590-1165 150 675 1100 530 380v/ 50Hz
HAC 100 100 250 2295 824 730-1228 150 510 1100 425
HAC 150 150 250 2573 1150 820-1315 200 630 1100 473

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