MigCraft Hydraulic Grip Puller Set - Jaw Type

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MigCraft Hydraulic Grip Puller Set - Jaw Type

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor of MigCraft Industrial and Torquing Tools in Nigeria. This MigCraft Hydraulic Grip Puller Set - Jaw Type is perfect for removing shaft-mounted parts where no spindle support is available. With its ability to have all jaws move simultaneously, the spindle stays centered on the shaft which prevents misalignment. This set up requires fewer people and less time overall. Additionally, the locking mechanism helps prevent jaws from slipping off the application during the pulling process. By simply turning the puller handle, the jaws are locked onto the application which allows the shaft mounted component to be pulled free when the spindle is turned.

Features of MigCraft Hydraulic Grip Puller Set - Jaw Type

+Precise hydraulic control allows fast, efficient and safe pulling.

+High quality, forged steel components provide superior reliability and service.

+Available with and without full hydraulic set.

Technical Specifications of MigCraft Hydraulic Grip Puller Set - Jaw Type

Part No.GBHP-152**GBHP-251GGBHP-351GGBHP-551G
Capacity 8 ton 20 ton 30 ton 50 ton
Include the Weight of Hydraulic Parts 22kg 56kg 91kg 160kg
Hand Pump GP-392 GP-392 GP-392 GP-80
Hydraulic Cylinder GRCH-121 GRCH-202 GRCH-302 GRCH-603
Saddle - GHP-2015 GHP-3015 GHP-5016
Hose GHB-7206QB GHC-7206 GHC-7206 GHC-7206
Pressure Gauge GF-120B GF-813B GF-813B GF-813B
GaugeAdaptor GA-4 GA-3 GA-3 GA-3
Grip Puller Model GBHP-1762* GBHP-252* GBHP-352* GBHP-552*
Max.Spread**2-Arm 249 400 593 899
3-Arm 249 499 800 1100
Max.Reach** 2-Arm 252 300 387 700
3-Arm 252 300 387 700
Grip** Thickness 15 20 24 30
Width 23 27 38 39
Adjusted Screw** Thread 3/4"-16UNF 1"-8UNC 11/4"-7UNC 15/8"-5.5NUC
Length 400 675 795 975

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