MigCraft Hydraulic Bearing Puller Set - Bar Type

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MigCraft Hydraulic Bearing Puller Set - Bar Type

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor of MigCraft Industrial and Torquing Tools in Nigeria. This MigCraft Hydraulic Bearing Puller Set - Bar Type is the ideal tool for quickly and easily removing and replacing a wide variety of parts, including bearings, bushings, wheels, gears, and pulleys. It can be used on both the outer and inner edges of parts for dismantling heavy-duty bearings, couplings, gears, and other components with ease. Using the correct puller for the job will help you dismantle bearings, couplings, rings, and more quickly and efficiently, without damaging the parts.

Features of MigCraft Hydraulic Bearing Puller Set - Bar Type

+Precise hydraulic control allows fast, efficient and safe pulling.

+High quality, forged steel components provide superior ability and service.

+Full set includes: Hollow cylinder, hand pump, hydraulic hose, pressure gauge and gauge adaptor.

Technical Specifications of MigCraft Hydraulic Bearing Puller Set - Bar Type  

Part No.GBHP-162GBHP-261GGBHP-361GGBHP-561G
Capacity 8 ton 20 ton 30 ton 50 ton
Cross Fixture ExtractorNo. GBPH-1772 GBPH-262 GBPH-362 GBPH-562
Spread**Max. 266 351 454 570
Min. 106 139 179 220
Reach Dia. 462 571 711 863
Adjusted Bolt Dia 3/4-16UNF 1"-8UNC 1 1/4"-7UNC 15/8"-5.5UNC


675 795 975
Leg 105 239 203 609
Length 354 419 457 863
Length - 571 711 -
Length - 114 - -
Upper Leg Ends* Thread 3/4" -16X25 3/4" -16X25 1-4X35 1 1/ 4"-12X38
Lower Leg Ends* Thread 5/8" -18X25 5/8" -18X25 1- 4X27 1 1/4"-12X38
Bushing Extractor GBHP-180 GBHP-280 GBHP-380 GBHP-580
Bearing Extractor No. GBHP-181 GBHP-282 GBHP-382 GBHP-582

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