MigCraft Hydraulic Master Puller Set

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MigCraft Hydraulic Master Puller Set

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor of MigCraft Industrial and Torquing Tools in Nigeria. This MigCraft Hydraulic Master Puller Set is the perfect tool for all your pulling needs, everything you need to get the job done right. It comes with a full hydraulic set, including a pump, hose, cylinder, gauge, and gauge adapter, all stored in a sturdy wooden case. The set also includes a Grip Puller, Cross Bearing Puller, Bearing Cup Puller, and Bearing Puller Attachment.

With its high-quality forged steel components, our MigCraft Hydraulic Master Puller Set is reliable and durable. Plus, the speed crank and adjusting screw make it easy to get a tight grip on your workpiece before applying hydraulic pressure.

Technical Specifications of MigCraft Hydraulic Master Puller Set

Part No.GBHP-1752(1)GBHP-2751GGBHP-3751GGBHP-5751G
Capactiy 8ton 20ton 30ton 50ton
Grip Puller GBHP-1762 GBHP-252 GBHP-352 GBHP-552
Cross Bearing Puller GBHP-1772 GBHP-262 GBHP-362 GBHP-562
Bushing Puller GBHP-180 GBHP-280 GBHP-380 GBHP-580
Bearing Puller GBHP-181 GBHP-282 GBHP-382 GBHP-582
Wooden case C2-6 CW-350 CW-350 CW-750

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