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GZ Industrial Supplies Partners with Best electrical cable in Nigeria, Vecan electrical Cable, 

Quality which is a standard of something as measured against others of a similar kind is Vecan Cable Limited culture.

Vecan Cable Limited is a manufacturing business founded in 1996 and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) and Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme (MANCAP) with its state of the art manufacturing facility located in Nkpor, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Why we choose Vecan cable.

Mr Pascal the supplier quality leader of GZ Industrial Supplies was on tour of their manufacturing facility and noted that they have the highest quality electrical cables made in Nigeria, they are poised to increase their cable products to meet the ever growing Nigeria market demand for high quality electrical cables, they have an experience team of engineers, production operatives who all collectively assured that appropriate standards of design and services are maintained to ensure compliance with set standards. Mr Paschal Agbayi after his visit to Vecan factory in Anambra state, Nigeria stated that, "GZ Industrial Supplier choose Vecan cables because of its quality, durability and compliance to standard." The cable which is manufactured and assembled in Nigeria has high strength and good bending performance. They have also established themselves as the leader in the Nigerian cable market because of their drive for excellence in quality products. The products also conform to the relevant Nigerian Industrial Standards (NIS).

Quality concerns about Electrical cables in Nigeria:

One of the main concerns people face when they buy a wire is that the thickness of the copper conductor is not as mentioned on the box, they do not conform to the required thickness of 1mm, 2mm or 10mm out of the box, Vecan electrical cable meets all related standards in this respect.

Vecan wire and cable can benefit a variety of industrial applications from crane hoists to conveyors which can be achieved by utilising best practices and high quality materials.
Among all the numerous benefits of Vecan cables are:
Smoothly stranded, nickel-plated copper conductors.

  • High strand counts.
  • Longer lasting insulation materials.
  • Variety of sizing options to fit a specific need.
  • Custom cable build options.
  • Custom assembly and connector options.
  • Stands up to flex tests and harsh environments.
  • Different colour wires which serve different purposes.

Higher speeds and accelerations of machine systems can put a lot of undue stress on cables, causing them to fail. Hence, Vecan cables are designed to withstand these extra stresses. Automated systems are getting quicker and smaller, so the need for high tech cables that can accommodate these changes have been vital and this is why GZ Industrial Supplies decided to go for Vecan cables.

About GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria.

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Jun 12, 2018 Eng. Anthony Ukpong

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