electrical wire and cable

GZ is a supplier of electrical wire and cable in Nigeria

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Contractors need wires and cables for a wide range of applications, such as setting up electrical circuits or installing a thermostat or HVAC/refrigeration repairs. Project managers need everything from thermal wires for high temperature applications to power supply cords for computers. Electricians also need a supply of wires and cables to keep the electricity running effectively at their locations. From heavy duty metal clad cables for loading docks and large electrical equipment to simple spools of stranded wire for everyday building projects, GZ industrial supplies has the wire and cable you need for your project and we will also help you in getting the best quality products in the Nigeria Wire and Cable market.

We supply MV/HV Wire and Cables.

we also have MV/HV Cables up to 220 kV, LV power Cables, LV Control Cables, Instrumentation/Signal cables, Thermocouple Extension/Compensating Cables, Rubber Cables (Elastomeric Cables), Flexibles & Building wires, Fire Survival /LSZH Cables, Aerial Bunched Cables, Submersible Cables, Welding Cables, Ship Wiring Cables, Mining CablesCables for offshore & onshore application etc.We have foreign origin products and also the much needed high quality Nigeria electrical cables, we have brands like Nigercin, Cutix, cometstar, Coleman cables, Vecan electrical cables, Nigeria wire and cable products, whatever brand you prefer we can quote you a good price this is because we care that you complete your project in time and with the best possible cost ever.