How to Prevent Metal from Rusting: how to protect your property from rust.

How to Prevent Metal from Rusting: how to protect your property from rust.

Rust is the reaction of metals with oxygen and water, and it's not something that you want to happen to your property. It is not a secret that rust starts to form as soon as the weather warms up. Many businesses are not prepared for this as it is not something they deal with daily. Companies and individuals are at risk of losing thousands of dollars. In this blog, we look at what can cause the metal to rust and how you can prevent it. This blog will look at the different methods that you can use to keep your metal protected, and a general overview of how to prevent metal from rusting which also helps you to protect your property from rust

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1. Which metals rust and why?

2. How does rust form?

3. How to prevent rust from forming- Galvanizing

4. How to prevent rust from forming- Anti-corrosion liquids and sprays

Which metals rust and why?

Rust is a form of corrosion that occurs when iron-containing objects such as tools, weapons, or buildings are exposed to oxygen and water for an extended period. It is a common problem on the earth's surface—rust forms when iron reacts with oxygen and water. Steel, which is iron with a minimal amount of carbon, is not very resistant to rust. Iron is the most widely used metal globally, an essential metal in industry, and the most commonly available metal in nature. Cast iron is made of iron and small amounts of carbon. Keeping your metals in good shape is a vital step in making sure your property has a long lifespan.

Rust is a form of corrosion that affects most metals, except gold and platinum. For this reason, it is crucial to know which metals rust and why. In this blog post, we'll be looking at the different types of metals that are vulnerable to rust, why they rust, and how to prevent rust from occurring in the first place.

How rust forms

Rust is ubiquitous and can occur on any metal. Rust is an inevitable part of the aging process, whether it's a car, bicycle, old tools, or any metal surface. Rust forms when iron or an alloy is exposed to oxygen. The iron oxidizes and forms a product called iron oxide, often referred to as rust. Rust is the iron oxide that is on the surface of the metal. Rust is not a dirty mark on the surface. Instead, rust is a layer of iron oxide that is on the surface.

Rusting is a type of corrosion; a chemical reaction between iron and oxygen is accelerated by a change in temperature, pressure, or chemical concentration. The product of the reaction between iron and oxygen is iron oxide, better known as rust.

How to prevent rust from occurring- Galvanising

Galvanising is a method of rust prevention. The iron or steel object is coated in a thin layer of zinc. Galvanizing stops oxygen and water from reaching the metal underneath - but the zinc also acts as a sacrificial metal. In the galvanizing process, a piece of steel is coated with liquid zinc. The zinc protects the steel in three different ways:

  • The zinc coating acts as a barrier preventing oxygen and water from reaching the steel.
  • Even if the coating is scratched off, the zinc protects nearby areas of the metal through cathodic protection.

Zinc is highly reactive to oxygen and quickly forms a protective coating of zinc oxide, preventing the iron from further oxidation.

How to prevent rust from occurring-coating with rust preventative.

Dipping metal objects, such as clocks, into a bluing solution of water, sodium hydroxide, and potassium nitrate provides strong corrosion resistance. Commercially available rust prevention products in the form of aerosol sprays or cloth wipes also can protect metal objects, including tools, outdoor gear, vehicles, and large metal parts. Epochem 109 Corrosion Inhibitors are corrosion preventatives for application to surfaces likely to corrode, either in storage or use. They are blends of selected rust prevention materials dissolved in a solvent for ease of application. On application, the solvent evaporates, leaving a protective coating.


Having rust on your property is both a nuisance and a hazard. Make sure you know how to prevent it. In this article, we have given elaborate ways to protect your facilities that are prone to rust. Metal rust is an inevitable process, but its prevention is relatively easy. Whether you have a facility with many metal components or working with a piece of metal, or planning to buy one, you would want to know how to prevent metal from rusting. Epochem 430 is Nigeria's first and most dependable rust preventative for metal from Epoxy Oilserv the foremost chemical manufacturer in Nigeria; Our Rust preventatives can help you protect your property from rust.

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