Epochem 109 Corrosion Inhibitor 5Ltr

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Epochem 109 5Ltr
Epochem 109 5Ltr
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Epochem 109 Corrosion Inhibitor 5Ltr

GZ Industrial Supplies is the supplier of Epochem brand of Cleaning and maintenance chemicals in Nigeria. This Epochem 109 Corrosion Inhibitor 5Ltr is a substance applied to an environment that significantly reduces the corrosion rate of materials especially metals exposed to that environment. It is considered the first line of defense against corrosion.

Our Epochem 109 Corrosion Inhibitor 5Ltr are corrosion preventatives for application to surfaces likely to corrode, either in storage or in use. They are blends of selected rust prevention materials dissolved in a solvent for ease of application. On application the solvent evaporates leaving a protective coating.


Epochem 109 Corrosion Inhibitor 5Ltr can be applied by dipping, brushing or spraying.

Health & Safety

Epochem 109 Corrosion Inhibitor 5Ltr are unlikely to present any significant health or safety hazard when properly used in the recommended application, and good standards of industrial and personal hygiene are maintained. After skin contact, wash immediately with soap and water.

Corrosion protection is a necessary requirement for all major equipment’s and it is our commitment to deliver only the best corrosion protection. 

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Frequently Asked Questions. 

1. What is a corrosion inhibitor?

A corrosion inhibitor is a chemical compound that, when added to a liquid or gas, decreases the corrosion rate of a material, typically a metal or an alloy, that comes into contact with the fluid.

2. What are the types of corrosion inhibitors?

There are two main types of corrosion inhibitors: anodic and cathodic. Anodic inhibitors form a protective layer on the metal surface that prevents the anodic reaction of metal dissolution. Cathodic inhibitors slow down the cathodic reaction of oxygen reduction or hydrogen evolution. Some inhibitors act both as anodic and cathodic inhibitors and are called mixed inhibitors.

3. What are the advantages of corrosion inhibitors?

Corrosion inhibitors have several advantages over other methods of corrosion control, such as coating, cathodic protection, or material selection. Corrosion inhibitors are easy and convenient to apply, cost-effective and economical, versatile and adaptable, and effective and reliable. 

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16 Reviews

  • 5


    Posted by Beno on Apr 30, 2024

    Epochem Corrosion Inhibitor, is highly effective product with long lasting corrosion formular, it as helped me to prevent and protect most of the pan and metal used to work for my clients.

  • 5


    Posted by Victor Gales on Feb 22, 2024

    Utilizing this made such a big difference, and its strong anti-corrosive ingredient greatly lowers the rate at which materials, particularly metals exposed to that atmosphere, corrode.

  • 5

    Works great

    Posted by Mr Johnson on May 25, 2023

    Very happy with my purchase, this product does a fine job preventing rust and corrosion.

  • 5

    Epochem 109 Corrosion Inhibitor 5Ltr

    Posted by preye on Apr 17, 2023

    This product is great. Lots of uses and so far has been great for both performance and longevity.

  • 5

    works great

    Posted by louis on Apr 17, 2023

    I use this to protect my cast iron tables on my planer, table saw, and bandsaw. Spray it on, wipe off the excess and you're good to go! Yes, it's really that easy.

  • 5


    Posted by Success Ijeoma on Mar 23, 2023

    it significantly reduces the corrosion rate of materials especially metals exposed to that environment

  • 5


    Posted by Elijah Ibrahim on Mar 23, 2023

    On application the solvent evaporates leaving a protective coating.

  • 5


    Posted by Obinne Eke on Mar 23, 2023

    A little drop of this EPOCHEM 109 CORROSION INHIBITOR chemical you use, can give you a very fast and effective result... I actually wanted to give it a trial but the end result was wow. I must say, the active ingredient of this product is a good one. Thanks GZ for this wonderful Product

  • 5


    Posted by Chidera Jude on Sep 01, 2022

    Honestly, The use of this particular product had opened my eye to other fake products I have been purchasing. There was so much difference using this, coupled with the fact that it has a very high anti-corrosive agent which acts so effective. GZ is actually the best place to purchase all kinds of product you need, They tell you how it works and it is just exact.

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