Maintenance Tips for Sustaining Your Epoxy Floor

Maintenance Tips for Sustaining Your Epoxy Floor

Maintenance Tips for Sustaining Your Epoxy Floor

Epoxy floors are a tough, resilient and very durable type of floor coating used in multiple applications; garage floors, sunroom floors, high traffic hallways and walkways or warehouses. Areas, where machinery and other large tools are being used, a durable epoxy surface makes a great choice for a flooring surface. Even when these heavy objects are being shifted around on the floor continuously, the epoxy floor surface will maintain a very high luster. Epoxy floors are pretty easy to maintain as long as you follow some ground rules.

Cleaning epoxy floor coating is relatively easy. A primary reason many people choose epoxy is because it is easy to maintain. Even though epoxy is resilient to stains and dirt, regular maintenance is required to keep the shine. There is some cleaning tips that should be followed. The information helps keep epoxy floors looking good for a long time. Keeping your epoxy floor well maintained is fairly easy and has numerous benefits to your property. Some of the benefits include:

  • Maintenance: A dust mop will take care of 90 percent of epoxy floor cleaning. Dirt and dust do not stick to the floor. Using a dust mop a few times each week will keep the floor clean.
  • If the floor has exposed saw cuts or contraction points, use a broom or vacuum monthly to clean the accumulated debris.
  • When fluid leaks from cars or spills occur, use a soft cloth to wipe them up. If a film is left, use a window cleaner to remove the film.
  • Safety and Performance: if you have any industry or commercial epoxy floor, safety is extremely important. Many times, your floor will need to be waterproof, slip-resistant and/or offer static control for ultimate performance and safety; so proper maintenance is key.
  • Appearance: if your floor has decorative high performance or custom industrial coating, it’s important to maintain its good looks. Finishes, special coatings, and logos on the floor impact your environment. Pristine floor appearance is particularly important in retail and commercial locations.
  • Durability: most floors often require occasional re-coat or touch-up depending on the usage and traffic. But, appropriate upkeep and care can ensure that your epoxy floor lasts longer before requiring major repairs. Simple maintenance and care routine will keep your floor looking new for years.
  • Your professional epoxy flooring installer might offer specific procedures and methods for maintaining your particular flooring system. For the time being, here are general tips you can use to care for your epoxy floors:

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     Sweep the Floor Everyday

    This is probably the simplest way to keep your epoxy floor clean, extend its lifespan and avert any potential damages. Daily sweeping prevents buildup up of dirt especially in high traffic areas. You want to remove particles and substances that damage your floor and keep your working or living environment safe. For this, you can simply use a soft indoor broom or a dust mop.

    Keep the surfaces dirt and grit free

    Especially if you are moving machinery or vehicles on and off the floor. Dirt and grit will embed or scratch an epoxy floor if allowed to remain there. It’s a good idea if you remove all sand or dirt on a regular basis because even though Epoxy floors are tough they can start to show the damage from multiple scratches over time. Best way to do that is to use a shop vacuum with a soft brush attachment. How often you vacuum depends on how much dirt and grit are tracked onto the floor. When it comes time to move heavy machinery across the floor, take extra precautions to ensure the surface is dust and grit free.

    Wash the Floor Regularly

    One of the much sort after properties of epoxy coatings is that they seal the porous concrete and make it much easier to clean. If you use your garage or workspace for messy projects, your epoxy floor may develop scuffs and marks. Deep cleaning as soon as possible is required to prevent permanent floor damage. For deep cleaning, mopping with hot water and ammonia is recommended for keeping your floor clean. Use 120ml of ammonia in every 4L of water. Soap and acid-based cleaners should not be used as they often damage and dull the floor.

    Treat Stains Immediately

    Other than presenting an immediate safety hazard, spills can be damaging to your floor depending on the type of material. Acids, oils, harsh solvents and caustics can damage your floor coating if not immediately removed.

    Wipe off spills on your floor with a soft cloth or paper towel immediately to avoid staining your surface. If the floor has tougher stains such as rust, you can use a kitchen scrubbing pad and hot water to gently scrub them away. Just never use abrasive cleaning products or chemicals on your epoxy floor.

    Keep Sharp Objects Away

    If you have installed high-performance flooring, you can be assured of the best puncture and scratch resistance. However, depending on how you use your floor, occasional cuts, gouges, and scratches are inevitable. Where possible, avoid dragging, rolling or sliding potentially rough or sharp items, heavy equipment or pallets across your floor to prevent scratching and cutting.


    If you’re a homeowner or a facility manager, you want to keep your epoxy floor looking clean and beautiful, and performing at its best. The above simple care and maintenance tips will not only keep your floor looking immaculate, but will also increase its durability and performance in the long haul.

    Otherwise, if your epoxy floor has lost its spark, protective properties, and performance, our team at GZ Industrial Supplies Limited can help. Whether it is the floor in your hospital, shopping mall, garage or the warehouse in your company, we can transform your worn out epoxy coating from an unappealing look and oil magnet into a chemical resistant, easy to clean durable finish. If you have any questions or concerns about Maintenance Tips for Sustaining Your Epoxy Floor, you can always Contact us for support.

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