The Best Rust preventative| Anti-Corrosion fluid in Nigeria

The Best Rust preventative| Anti-Corrosion fluid in Nigeria

Introduction to the best Rust prevention anti-corrosion fluid in Nigeria, Saving $2.5 million in costs.

October 13, 2014, Hellog Energy and Equipment stopped their construction of a vast warehouse abruptly. The government did not give the company access to continue constructing their factory somewhere in delta state Nigeria due to documentation issues. Prefab steel structure warehouse building is usually composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel truss, and other components made of section steel and steel plates. Welds, bolts, or rivets connect each part. These materials were all exposed to rain and rust for over two years, and the approval to resume construction came after two years of wait and when the construction engineers came back to the site? All materials were severely corroded and almost useless because they were not protected nor covered inside a warehouse. One option was to use rust removers to start cleaning up the steel materials if they are recoverable at all. both they are mostly non-recoverable due to massive amount of rust

The company lost in material value well over $2.5 million and more if the time to be wasted in the reconstruction of the metal structures is considered.

The story above depicts a typical situation of understanding the comparative advantage of a product. Our technical marketing team visited the company in Delta state and suggested our epochem 109 or Shell Ensis fluid to be used on the exposed steel structures and welded ends to avoid, mitigate or prevent rust. With well-rounded technical knowledge, a waste amounting to $2.5 million was avoided by thinking deeply about the consequences of rust on materials due to exposure.

This article is to discusses the best rust prevention and anti-corrosion fluid in Nigeria. The best rust preventative, anti-corrosion fluid in Nigeria is Epochem 109 corrosion inhibitor and Shell Ensis DW2455 Corrosion inhibitor fluid available in our online shop.

1. The epochem 109 corrosion inhibitor

Epochem 109 Corrosion inhibitor is a long-term rust protective suitable for metal surfaces likely to erode in storage or use. Epochem 109 Corrosion inhibitor is a water-displacing, solvent-based rust inhibitor that leaves a temporary thin waxy protective film on metal surfaces. The product protects metal parts from the damaging effects of moisture, air, detergents, and other contaminants.

Applications of Epochem 109 Corrosion inhibitor:

Epochem 109 can be applied by dipping or spraying. After evaporation of the solvent, Epochem 109 leaves a thin, waxy protective film on surfaces. Epochem 109 is easily removed with aqueous alkaline cleaners or solvent cleaners. It is a premium quality dewatering type rust preventive with good coverage. Effective in neutralizing fingerprints. It resists cracking & peeling. Use Epochem 109, where excellent covering capacity and long-term protection are required. Epochem 109 is used neat as supplied.

Advantages of epochem 109 corrosion inhibitor:

  • Indoor protection 24 months.
  • Covered 9 – 12 months outdoors.
  • Outdoors uncovered up to 6 months.
  • Neutralizing fingerprints.
  • Easily removed with alkaline or solvent-based cleaners.
  • Dry, waxy film.

Prevent Corrosion & Staining During Storage, Transit, & Processing

Rust and corrosion are the naturally occurring enemies of machined parts and coils (metal strip), blanks, stamped parts, and other surfaces. High humidity, foreign contaminants, and uneven product coverage can cause severe damage. Epochem 109, our water-based corrosion preventives, protects metal parts during production and in storage, both indoor and outdoor. Our metal protecting product line is well-proven throughout the Industrial manufacturing, automotive, bearing, steel, and offshore industries and wherever metal components are manufactured. Our metal protection product line offers:

  • Corrosion protection on both ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces
  • Resistance to staining and varnishing from metal-to-metal contact under high temperatures and humidity
  • Increased storage time
  • Various application methods

Preventing corrosion can optimize. As a result, we can help increase your productivity and save costs through:

  • Eliminating downtime due to rust problems
  • Reducing scrap and rework
  • Providing secondary functions such as lubrication, ease of cleaning, and downstream process compatibility with welding, phosphating, e-coating, and adhesives/sealants

Historically, the industry has relied on oils, grease, and solvents to prevent rust on metal or metal parts. No matter what the formulation, these rust prevention liquids (RPs) have come at a "cost" — a cost to the environment, a cost to the health and safety of employees, and at a price to a company's bottom line for their failure rate to prevent rust effectively. Epochem has spent years developing rust prevention methods that are clean, safe, easy, and that "save" — save time, save money, and save metal/metal parts from damage and reworking

2.Shell Ensis DW2455 Corrosion inhibitor fluid

Shell Ensis DW2455 Corrosion inhibitor fluid is a Long Term Dewatering Rust Preventive. Shell Ensis gives us up to 24 months of indoor protection and provides several months of outdoor protection.


Shell Ensis DW2455 is a blend of dearomatized solvent and carefully selected performance additives that provide up to 24 months of indoor protection and several months of outdoor safety. Shell ENSIS DW 2462 is a premium quality dewatering rust preventive and exhibits a thin waxy film, which resists peeling and cracking, neutralizes fingerprints, and can be removed if required. Shell ENSIS DW 2462 is effective on ferrous and non-ferrous metal. It contains a selection of low odor performance additives for workers' comfort and is barium-free.


Shell Ensis DW2455 provides extra long-term protection and absolute protection on: (Semi)-finished automotive and machinery components like valves, gears, camshaft, box, bearing, chains, motor, fasteners, braking system, precision components with highly finished surfaces... Materials and equipment during shipment overseas, when properly packed. Materials and equipment which are subjected to hostile conditions ego Coastal and Marine environments. Drill pipe and casing in outdoor coastal locations. Steel structures during operation or storage periods. They were particularly resistant to carry-over of alkaline grinding coolants, soluble oil emulsions, and acidic rinse water atmosphere.

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