Construction Tools

Construction Tools 

GZ Industrial Supplies is a distributor of Industrial tools, ranging from power tools, reinforced steel bars, hand tools, construction chemicals Lubricants, we do onsite evaluation of the job for free, we have executed large projects, our team have a collective 100 years experience supplying tools and equipment in the industry. 

Construction Tools are important for construction workers. There is a tendency for some workers to use the wrong tools, especially when on a tight schedule or with works running behind schedule. They may also use inappropriate tools which can cause damage to the workspace, result in unsafe conditions, and even safety issues for other workers. Proper training and information are necessary so that any kind of injury may be prevented from lack of proper supervision and training. Also, appropriate tool maintenance should be provided at all times alongside PPE for each worker's protection.

The Various construction tools we supply are

1. Abrasives: GZ carries a wide selection of abrasives to meet customer demands

2. CAT engines Marine engines and Parts GZ Industrial Supplies is the Supplier of Caterpillar engines both used and brand new, We have in Nigeria various CAT engines, Marine engines and Parts.

3. CAT Equipment and Spares: As a major retailer of CAT and other heavy equipment spares we have huge inventory in this product area

4. Used construction equipment: GZ Supplies used construction equipment for budget savvy construction clients.

5. Offshore containers. We have offshore going containers, both for outright purchase or rental 

6. Used heavy equipment: GZ Industrial Supplies deals with used heavy construction equipment, call on us for a quick audit of available products both within and outside the country


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