Inverter 1000VA/12V Eco luminous

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Luminous 1000VA/12V
luminous 1000VA/12V
30.00 KGS
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Inverter 1000VA/12V Eco luminous

GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is the distributor of Luminous brand of Inverters, Batteries and UPS systems in Nigeria. Our Inverter 1000VA/12V Eco luminous is a Pure Sine Wave Home UPS with features such as Intelligent Water Level Indication which helps consumers track the battery water level, and uses low harmonic distortion making the inverter practically noiseless. Pure Sine Wave output makes it highly efficient and helps bring down electricity bills. 

Inverter 1000VA/12V Eco luminous feature advanced battery management that ensures your battery lasts long. The battery can be charged once the mains or generator is connected. There is also a battery reverse polarity protection, which ensures you do not mistakenly damage your inverter during installation. The Inverter 1000VA/12V Eco luminous has grown in popularity, maybe because of its affordable prices, but also its availability and service in the country. The Inverter 1000VA/12V Eco luminous can power tv, lights, fans, laptops ,phones, small top loading washing machine, small blender and small 3 in 1 printer.

Key Features of  Inverter 1000VA/12V Eco luminous 

  • Pure sine wave output.

  • Rugged technology design for high performance and longer back-up time, especially suited for high power cut area

  • Support flat, tubular, SMF & local battery

  • Overprotection with auto-reset.

  • Adaptive battery charging capacity (ABCC) technology ensures faster battery charging and enhances battery life.

Technical Specification of Inverter 1000VA/12V Eco luminous 

  • Brand: Luminous 
  • Colour: Blue
  • Weight(kg): 30
  • Capacity: 12V
Frequently Asked Questions about Inverters
1. Can I connect an inverter directly to my vehicle's battery?

Yes, you can connect an inverter directly to your vehicle's battery to power devices while on the go. However, be mindful not to drain the battery excessively, as it may affect your vehicle's ability to start.

2. Can I use an inverter with solar panels?

Yes, inverters are commonly used in solar power systems to convert the DC power generated by solar panels into AC power for use in homes or businesses.

3. Are there any safety considerations when using an inverter?

Yes, when using an inverter, it's important to ensure proper grounding, follow manufacturer's instructions, and use appropriate gauge cables to prevent overheating or electrical hazards.

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